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Last Update: March 15, 2015

I confess now I'm no stranger to building websites - in my 'day job' i build WordPress sites for a living for small and micro business owners, and boy, can it be hard work! Not the software, the clients :-). I was able to get my new site here at WA up and running in no time. I COULD have gone it alone and built a blog, after sifting through thousands of WP themes and finally paying for one, and tried to get affiliates going on my own, but when I read quite a bit about WA I thought it sounded exciting and offered terrific resources. I wasn't wrong and I'm so glad I joined and went Premium.

What's good about this place is that we are all members and can help each other out, whether it's answering questions or commenting on someone's blog - helping their own google rankings with the hope they will do the same for us. I've seen some superb sites in the few days I've been on here.

One plugin I have added to my site which I suggest everyone does is a subscription button so people can get your latest post into their inbox. Yeah, I know, email is SOOOO last century, but people do still read their emails. Especially if you're targeting the 40+ market. I used the Simple Subscribe button.

Throwing the question out there: what other plugins have some of you used and would recommend? I'm always interested in plugins I haven't discovered for myself yet.

I'm hoping I get at least a few affiliate sales in the next three months. I really do want this membership to lead me to a better income than the one I currently have from my website and graphic design business. I've drawn up a list of future blog posts based on those delicious low-hanging fruits which should get some traffic to my site, with the aim of doing one or two a week. I may well do one a day for the first couple of weeks just to populate the site and make it look more attractive for affiliates.

I haven't thought too much about six months ahead; what I want to see first is some income coming in from my current site. If I don't think I'm generating up to my target - and I would be hoping to get at least $500/month by then - I may start a second site on a different topic.

Head on over to Beautifulballetflats to see what I've done so far. Comments on the few posts there are would be very welcome ;-)


Sabrina aka Ballerine

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QuintinaS Premium
Can't see it server is not found
SabrinaF Premium
HI Quintina. I checked the link again. Seems the system automatically puts an extra http in. I've edited it twice now and the link should work this time!
phoenix420 Premium
Your hyperlink goes to: Server Not Found. Yes, a double http:// would do that.
SabrinaF Premium
Ive now fixed that in the link. I do hope.
JoC Premium
Hi Sabrina, tried to look at your site but keep getting 'this page cannot be displayed'.
SabrinaF Premium
Hi Jo, thanks for checking that. I didn't realise the system would automatically add an http:// and I already had one in the address. Funny how two http://s kill a link :-)