Paid Traffic, Search Based Traffic & Organic Social Media?

Last Update: August 28, 2018

Next question is how does one recieve traffic to an ecommerce website, more importantly how does one decide which traffic is a more viable means of traffic and quite crucially what traffic is going to convert to sales.

Most of you here are repping affiliate links and some are using your blogs to rep products and a smaller percentage have overhauled your blogs into an ecommerce site and thats taken months to do (here) . Most are here because we need money to function so alot of the options on the table are not present.

Talk of the town here is that you must be pumping out blog articles and then there becomes a lot more talk about publishing frequency and before you know it you are writing everyday and the days turn to weeks and the weeks turn into months and if someones not stolen and spun your content then you may just see some traffic, odds are you dont have time to be writing and you dont have the money to be sending paid traffic to your websites.

I took months off blogging here because I needed to find results and make systems to replicate so that I could be teaching others how this works, I removed all my blogs and will be starting a fresh look at how you can improve traffic to your websites more importantly ecommerce and dropshipping. Being on the top of the search engines is great if you are actually making conversions. But competing against the likes of Forbes & Entreprenuer,com in my selective niches is a luxury most of us dont have this early on in the game.

Search engine algorithims change at a moments notice and alot of what they teach out there is going the way of the Dodo, in the same token there are lots of experienced individuals still able to hit thier mark with writing and can compete on those levels, but if your not careful and your not indexing fast enough some can come along quickly and just outright scoop your content and have it ranked faster than you which is the case here on wealthy affiliate, when you run the risk of sharing your content with a community of competition while asking for comments there is not really much else I can say.

The site below is one of a few Ive been diligently tweeking and working with to improve social media organic traffic and more imortantly this traffic is directed from social media following or customers that are interested in the niches represented so the chances they will buy what Im selling are much higher than if they were someone searching for an answer off google for thier day to day inquiries. These people want to buy things,

Watching alot of the webinars, well seeing the notifications atleast go off in my wealthy affiliate dashboard. Tells me that alot are realizing the importance of funneling traffic now and that there is really no control over what google decides to do with thier algorithim, more importantly to keep up to the changing times.

You should be looking at being on all forms of social media, this doesnt mean having an account this means backing your websites up with communities or business pages on facebook and growing them. Making quailty content that engages your audience to follow you and to support and buy your products.

Your network and social media should almost look like a spider web that is based around your center of attention (your blog or ecommerce site) . I have some training but its all very rustic and has to be done up. Ill be looking at improving it for others in this next week with the bit of time I have in the evenings so bare with me,

This isnt an article to get others off the community and onto shopify either, Im just happy to be offering some help with some of the obstacles Ive had to overcome in the last year here. We are all adults and what you choose to spend your time and money on is your business not mine.

One more thing, look to the quiet ones in the community they are usually the most transparent and not scared of giving away trade secrets, part of the branding experience is being of help to others and sharing what you know, most of these people are just to caught up and to busy to blog about it. Never hurts to ask!

- Stay Strong!

Feel free to find me on social media

- Rosco Stretch

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Thanks Ross. It's important to ask for help from those that know. I have learned so much since joining WA, and the vast majority of it comes from fellow WA members. Jim
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Good stuff Rosco, I will look you up!
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Thanks for sharing, Rosco.
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thank you there ...again
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Hey Rosco,
Thanks for all the information!!!

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