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November 16, 2018
Obtaining Traffic From Social Media.This wont be a long post, I just wanted to throw some insightful information onto the WA feed about using pinterest to gain traffic and essentially possible conversion to blogs or social media landing pages.Those who know me from this platform know that I use Facebook or Instagram primarily so I though I would give another one a shot seeing as I gained a good amount of knowledge about hashtagging over the course of the past few months.For 13 Days the results
Next question is how does one recieve traffic to an ecommerce website, more importantly how does one decide which traffic is a more viable means of traffic and quite crucially what traffic is going to convert to sales. Most of you here are repping affiliate links and some are using your blogs to rep products and a smaller percentage have overhauled your blogs into an ecommerce site and thats taken months to do (here) . Most are here because we need money to function so alot of the options on th
Where Ecommerce & Affiliate Marketing CollideIt's been a bit of a hurdle in affiliate marketing and got this little gem in the email tonight, made me happy. It doesnt come from WA, but from my affiliate development partnership with Shopify, aside from making revenue from 5 of my own stores hosted with them I now get a cut of revenue generated by these client stores and thier incured operations costs for thier first few months. This was 1 of 10 stores I finished completing this week so I wil