Entering A New Century

Last Update: September 18, 2016

Well. today is Monday September 19, 2016 and 60 years I entered into this world knowing nothing. I had no idea as the years traveled past me that I would continue on learning so many things, meeting so many people and get to do so many things for the benefit of so many.

Life can be dull, boring and a real pain or it can be the greatest adventure anyone can travel. My experiences just the last 20 years have been totally amazing but one thing above all I learned and continue to keep in front of me as well as teach...

We are never alone in this world! Someone is always just behind the door, on the other end of the phone, or standing behind you in some line and what you do with that is totally up to you. We need each other. No matter what I think I do All By Myself, it still had to involve someone else. Cooking a great meal...I did it myself! NOPE - not unless you grew all the food yourself, made all the utensils yourself and ever made the fire in which you cooked it.So many other people are entangled within our lives that we don't even think about.

Your mail carriers, cashiers, tellers at the bank; they all have a part in your life. Reality is you couldn't do half of what you do without someone else. SO- thank someone just for being them. Smile at your next cashier and tell them to have a great day that you appreciate them doing their job. Thank the man who picks up your garbage from your street. Unless you take it to the dump then thank those people for caring for all your garbage on your behalf!

Strange isn't it. We would even think about those people as being a part of our life yet many many moons ago I remember when Philadelphia trash men when on strike. Trash was everywhere stinking up the place for weeks. Wow, what a difference when it was finally cleaned up!

in 2001 when the twin towers went down, we honored police and fireman and volunteers everywhere. How quickly we forget.

Today is a new day. For me it starts my new decade in my 60's but I'm also praying it means my beginning of success in my Affiliation with all of you!

You can meet a new person today and you can give them the opportunity to become your newest best friend or you can pretend that your meeting means nothing. Somehow you influence them. Good or bad it's all up to you. Make your life a joy to wake up to everyday by making someone smile today or just offer to pray for them. It's totally up to you. How do you want people to remember you when you finally draw your last breath?

My life is wonderful because you are in it. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings let alone today.

Hop on board! Life is great because you make it that way. Just like the people who started WA wanted to do for someone else to give them a chance...you too can lift someone up today. Offer them a chance for freedom like someone offered you.

Life is only as good as you make it. Don't get tired of hearing it and don't get tired of living it. Someone will notice and want what you have and then YOU will have made the greatest difference in their life.

Good is always good, great comes and goes but good never leaves. This is a very good day and I pray you are fully blessed in it. Smile

Here's to You from Mrs Robinson. Jesus loves you more than you can know...Oh Oh Oh God bless you please from Mrs Robinson heaven hold a place for those who pray...Hey, hey, hey!

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Thanks for sharing :-))
Al (and Tania)
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Wow, you have me singing too. thanks
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Wonderful post and now I am singing! :)
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Great post, and I love the twist on the song. Jesus loves you too, Mrs. Robinson.