SAC Achievements month 2

Last Update: July 12, 2019

Hi, my family, well I have compleded most of my asignments for month 2 I did all my post, but I only spent a couple of minutes on live chat and this is my first blog post to the WA community for month. But I do hope to do better this time around. Along with SAC I have been trying to complete my WA Bootcamp I have now reached making videos, and after watching some of the family videos I am not sure I can do it. They are incredible, so well done, I am scared.

But I do have some good news, for the month of June I had 4 referials and a sale, never thought that would ever happen so I am happy about that.

I had a look at month three SAC Task seems challenging for me, especially the tech stuff so I will be calling out for help from the community.

Thanks again for being the very best community there is, you all are just awesome. I think WA should get an award for having the best set of people that has come togather as a group.

Love you all

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Trodvies Premium
Congrats on your achievement thus far, Ruthlyn.

Plus this:
While reading your post, two excerpts caught my attention:

1. "after watching some of the family videos, I am not sure I can do it . . . I am scared"
2."I had 4 referrals and a sale, never thought that would ever happen" (But it finally happened, right? - because you tried)

Now, the video will also "happen" - when you try.

Just try. That's the way to get things done.

RuthlynB Premium
Thanks, yes I am going to try, I know the first attempt may not go the way I think it should but in the end, all will be well.
Janet1919 Premium
Congratulations on your success all the best keep doing what you are doing
RuthlynB Premium
Thank you I will do my best.
Janet1919 Premium
That's all we can do
FKelso Premium Plus
You know, you have a is too bad there isn't some kind of award that would go public with a big splash, letting the world know what a fine group of people we have here. Folks looking for an opportunity should be aware of the value in this community. It would be good if there were some sort of program that would give this community some kind of blue ribbon.
RuthlynB Premium
Fran, I really do not have anyone to help me but Google and this community and I remember I was having a problem and I asked the community and in less than 5 minutes I had 4 persons assisting me, I really do not think that happens anywhere else.
ERichardson1 Premium
Good evening my SAC Conrad, you are doing fantastic, don't be afraid it's nothing that you cannot do if you believe in yourself. Congratulations on making the sales it's a beautiful thing to wake up to making money when you were asleep, if you ever need any help reach out to me reach out to anyone in the sac challenge we are more than willing to help you. and may Prosperity be always with you.
DarrenNicola Premium
Thanks for sharing your progress, all the best for the future.
Darren :)