Death of an Affiliate Marketer

Last Update: July 31, 2015

We go to the web in droves. Like a herd of lemmings heading to the sea knowing full well the lemmings behind them will drive them into the sea and drown the ones in the front. Yet they continue to drive forward. Appearing like a black cloud on the ground. Thousands die during this march to the sea.

Our sea is our computer and we flock to it like thousands of lemmings. We're not certain at first what we'll find, but we make the journey as certainly as we wake up in the morning. The only difference between us and the lemmings we can't see our neighbor walking the green mile along side us. We don't know our death is inevitable. We will sit in that electric chair at the end of our journey along with the other 90% success seekers.

It does not have to be like this. There are ways to learn how to create a business online without being killed in the process. There are people that wish to help you succeed. At one time it wasn't like this. Everyone was out for themselves. Then Google came along and changed all the rules. They said no more cookie cutter websites. No more using links to try to build your online presence. No more cheating. But how do we create a business online if we no longer have this things available to us. Its called content. Quality content. Interesting content. Content that will make a person read all the way through and not simply peruse the headlines.

I am always looking for new ideas for producing content. This is a test of my skills. I have 30 minutes to finish this today and I really don't know where it will end up. The content has a mind of its own. Taking me this way and that but always ending up at the beginning. This is a good exercise to practice your skills. Not as a writer but as a human being in general. What you are you will write. Take a look all around you for content and open you mind to the possibilities.

If you can create content you will increase your chance of creating a business online that will allow you to leave that 9-5 job. Create what you like and produce it well and you will find that people will read it . Then a great thing will happen, they will come back again and again because you gave them something that you wanted as well as what they wanted. It won't be easy but you can make it happen.

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NevilleP Premium
Very Good. Content is a lynch pin of success, ir looks like like you have the 'throne' by the throat.
AffilWealth Premium
Great Job. Very inspirational :)
Ermelinda Premium
I loved your post and thank you. Have an awesome weekend
Anewcreature Premium
I are with you wholeheartedly. Your spirit received so much over a life time by your five se b sense. Your faith in this information cause you to forever retain that information and therefore you become as you think and you think as you become. This you will pen. Thanks for the critical thinking blog
Great Post!