My second WA commission

Last Update: November 30, 2015

Hi Everyone! We all know that it takes time, effort and tons of patience before you can see your first commission. The feeling is really great. To motivate some of you I would like to share my success and let you know that this month I made my second commission $625 + $418 from a black friday offer. Total $1043. Things seem to go well and the only thing I'm still struggling is the traffic. This is the hardest part of my online business. I've also launched my second bootcamp site and planning to launch a new site this month in the field of CPA. CPA is a very profitable business and you can make as much money in this business as you make in affiliate marketing. Keep working and you will be successful. Don't give up. Success never comes easy. Remember, Kyle always says: You are in the business.

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AnteroM Premium
victoro Premium
Congratulations! More success.
Jnicely Premium
Way to go, Rufat! Great work, thanks for the motivation, I needed it!!
ClareG Premium
Congratulations! Onwards and upwards.
Wayne Wallace Premium
Congrats! Way to go!