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Last Update: November 10, 2018

Going Viral $

November 10, 2018
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Viral Means $$

Well anyone in business would like for their blog, or what they post on the internet goes wild viral. Great huge amounts of money will be amassed if this happens. So the race is on to find those products, songs or articles to write about that creates such a stir. It is possible in a blink of an eye with today’s internet that reaches all corners of the world in a second.

You Have It

Do you have an idea to write about or know of a product so hot that you want to be an affiliate offering it to the masses. It is entirely possible to strike it rich if you happen to share this wave on your social media. Where can you get in on something like this without spending money out-of-pocket? If you haven’t heard of Wealthy Affiliates, you have now. They offer the free tools that are necessary for such an experience to be your own.

Vwa-Lah, Viral

If you go to Google and type in the search bar; how to write a viral and automatically google listed the ones below.

How to write a blog post

how to write a viral post

how to write a viral song

So if you write about one of these items that pop up at the top of Google’s list, you may have a winner. But you have to captivate your reader with your original writing so they tell someone else about it and so on. Within days, vwa-lah, (Cha-ching!) your article goes viral, sales go out the roof and you become successful. (mula !!) I know you can picture yourself there! So let’s look where you can start.

Wealthy Affiliates is a company that will give you the platform to write your article. Oh yea, try Wealthy Affiliates! That is right, they will give you a free website, step by step guidance, continuous training, and the links to make it possible. You just come up with articles to your heart’s content. One of your article may make it to viral status. But even it you don’t write a viral article, you probable will still cash in on a combination of articles that people get valuable information or see a product your presented that they are buying today anyway. You are not afraid of success, so If you want further answers to your questions or just have comments, place them below. Otherwise, join up with Wealthy Affiliates right now. Work from home. It’s free to join.

Happy success,


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LennyBianc Premium
Good idea hope it works for you. If it does let me know
RubenV1 Premium
Thank you, I'm fairly new and I hope the existing WA people and the "thinking about joining" people enjoy my post.
thanks again!
trymetoday Premium
Excellent intro to WA
RubenV1 Premium
Glad you liked it Vickic3. I remembered to take out the links!
Vickic3 Premium
You are doing so great and I hope you are enjoying the training too Ruben
Vickic3 Premium
Good post Ruben