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November 26, 2018
Hi Everyone, I have been trying Tweeter for the first time. I started a month ago or so. Looking around it I also found that I had 486 "impressions" in 21 days. I hope it keeps up because I also found they charge to promote my tweets as an option. The stats I got were the free ones.I am hoping my tweets get thrown into a huge whirlwind to reach all who have internet. Somewhat celebrating,Ruben Below is a screenshot of the activity going on in my Tweeter acct.Tweet activity Export data Nov 7 &nd
November 11, 2018
Hi everyone, I want to share my Oct to Nov stats. I see it climbing upwards. I am proud of starting with WA. Hope I can keep it going upwards into profits! I continue to write content and post to my website but since I am only promoting WA, I don't see specific training only for that. As I look at my material and I see most all saying one thing, join WA, join WA. definitely need a fresh way to recruit people into WA! Oh, also at the bottom of this page when writing this post, it instructs me
November 09, 2018
Going Viral $November 10, 2018 | No CommentsViral Means $$Well anyone in business would like for their blog, or what they post on the internet goes wild viral. Great huge amounts of money will be amassed if this happens. So the race is on to find those products, songs or articles to write about that creates such a stir. It is possible in a blink of an eye with today’s internet that reaches all corners of the world in a second.You Have ItDo you have an idea to write about or know of a prod
November 07, 2018
ProgressMy Accomplishments so far.2018 3 Hi everyone, It has been a very interesting road here at Wealthy Affiliates. I have learned so much in a very short time since I joined. My progress is displayed above. I now have 3 badges and I am honored to have received them. I follow many of WA's ambassadors because you have all the knowledge you have already gained. I pick your brains at times and I have never been rejected for asking. What a wonderful team of good-hearted experts. I solu