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Last Update: September 21, 2013

I need some advice...

I'm creating my first web site and it's going to be about informing and advising people on different finacial products on "how to" or "basics 101" on anything having to do with financial products like purchasing your first home and the steps you need to take, the importance of life insurance, credit report, etc.

I was trying to create a domain with a key word that had under 300 pages of competition, but the problem is because I have six different pages on my web site, I don't know what to name it in order to target those specfic topics.

I was thinking of creating six different domain names (one for each page) and just linking to my site. If someone is looking for an insurance quote, mortgage refaince, etc, they will be able to locate my page.

Please help..What are your thoughts? Thank you!

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@RICH. Premium
I wouldn't worry about keyword rich domains or EMDs (Exact Match Domains). It's content that ranks, not domain names, and just buying multiple ones to point to the same site won't add any value. I'd rather have a brand such as http://www.boohoo.com than http://www.buycheapdesignerwomensclothesonline.com Your domain name doesn't even have to be relevant, if it did http://www.amazon.com would sell river trips and http://www.apple.com would sell fruit! It can even be personal, http://www.craigslist.com I'd recommend having a read of this https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/website-development-programming/how-to-choose-a-proper-domain-name :) Rich.
Rubenchez Premium
That makes sense...thank you,
mikesdesk Premium
Hi Rubenchez, While you can do what you suggest the downside is you would be creating a lot of work for yourself and increasing your cost. My personal view point is stay with the one web site, build massive quality content, carefully select keywords for title and in the content .
Rubenchez Premium
I guess I can focus on one subject and build quality content...Makes sense..Thank you.