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Revised, Revised, Revised..Ok..I think this sounds better..ahhhh! I'm currently working on two website and need your advice. If you have a few minutes, will you please go through my site and give me your feedback. I also welcome comments on my sites. Also, I will review your website and give you my feedback. Let's support each other & succeed. It's been very overwhelming and I'm trying to stay focus. Please post your website and I will go through it within time and give you my thoughts
February 24, 2014
So here I am touching up my website and creating my 2nd website for WA review. I checked my report from one of my affiliate and I see that I no long have a zero balance. I made my first commission of $57.70. How nice does that feel? It feels like I'm finally moving forward...GREAT! It's not much, but's a start and a motivation tool for me to even work harder and achieve success. It's enough to cover my membership here and several cups of coffee. It should also be a motivation factor for you all
December 23, 2013
Not motivated , bored, still waiting for your first affiliate check? You are working hard and have not seen progress yet? What are your daily routines and goals in making your dreams come along? Would love to hear how some of you are doing and what steps you are taking to accomplishing your goals.
Please comment on m first website, Any feedback is appreciate. Thank you
September 21, 2013
I need some advice... I'm creating my first web site and it's going to be about informing and advising people on different finacial products on "how to" or "basics 101" on anything having to do with financial products like purchasing your first home and the steps you need to take, the importance of life insurance, credit report, etc. I was trying to create a domain with a key word that had under 300 pages of competition, but the problem is because I have six different pages on my web site, I do
September 20, 2013
Why do people consider successful people lucky? Is it because they work hard at something and don't give up (persistence) until they accomplish their dreams. Hard work & working smart will put you in a place where you can get notice. It will then give you the right opportunity to succeed even further...maybe that's the luck they are talking about. Successful individuals like to network with successful people in which it creates more opportunity and success, that's called human nature. Why