Google Finally Starting To Recognize My Hardwork?

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Hello To All My WA Family,

This post is basically to remind me to just keep on with the journey!

And I also hope this becomes a motivation, especially for newbies not to lose hope.

From 0 to 10 to 200 Clicks in 28 days

This is my second niche website which I built four months later after I have built my first website.

After sensing that my first website has taken some traction in Bing, I decided to create a new one related to my work experience.

I was thinking that I can manage two websites at the sametime, contrary to what is being suggested here in WA that it is better to focus on one website first, specially for beginners.

To make the long story short, I fell into the trap of making myself thin!

Creating content for two websites became a struggle although I have kept on pushing myself to lay down the foundation at my own pace.

Content indexing was an issue as well for the first two months - but I did not complain, I continued to create articles at my own pace.

Then slowly some of my articles is now being indexed, but I'n not getting traffic because they're not ranked.

Then came August last year, I noticed some traffic has started to appear but it did not really excite me.

Then starting October literally I have stopped writing for this website!

I wanted to see what will happen if I don't publish!

Then boom... in December I got Covid-19 so basically no content writing for both websites.

After recovering from C-19, I took a time off!

And in the second week of Jan 2023 went home to the Philippines and stayed there for about two months - still, doing nothing on my two websites.

When I came back in China first week of March, I noticed the increase in traffic.

As you can see in the above image, I already have 200 clicks in 28days and now approaching 250 clicks.

This puts me back into my senses to start publishing content.

And good enough, I was able to publish my first article yesterday after almost five months.

Lesson Learned!

Now my focus will be shifted to this website because it has out performed my first website, which by the way still didn't hit the 20 clicks in 28days (in Google).

I got several informational articles that are now ranking for many different keywords on page one of Google, so seems Mr. G have finally noticed me!

Thanks for reading and to all newbies like me, keep the faith!

To Our Success!


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Rowe, I am glad to hear you are doing better and pressing on to build more content. Keep up the excellent work!


Thanks, Harold. And yeah, I need to keep putting more content on this site with the traction I'm getting now. thanks for your support.

Great news Rowe! Keep on producing more quality content and watch those figures soar in the coming months my friend!

Thanks a lot, Nick. That's the plan but most of the time life gets in the way but will make sure to move forward slowly.

You're most welcome Rowe and it does indeed!

Just keep doing what you can my friend!

Very awesome, indeed, Rowe! Keep succeeding, my friend!


Thanks very much, Jeff.

After five months of inactivity, I had almost forgotten how to write an article lol.

But thanks to the core pieces of training that are always available at our disposal.

And not to be missed not to mention is Partha's potion!

You're very welcome, Rowe, and very well done despite the hardships that you experienced! Keep moving forward!


Yeah, definitely Jeff. Thanks for your support, as always!

You're very welcome, Rowe!


That's fantastic news
Well done and congratulations
Hard work really pays off

Thank you, Simone... yeah, hard work thus pays off!
Hopefully, I can keep on just creating more content!

You can
And you definitely will ;)

What's funny is that after I joined P+ I said I must be more consistent... literally was consistent for five months of doing nothing 😅

You will definitely turn it around
Especially now at this turning point

Thanks, Simone, but I did attend several P+ live classes just to continue learning new ideas

See, you're already moving in the right direction :)

Excellent news…keep doing what your doing!


Thanks a lot, Mike.

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Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!
4-Steps to Success Class
One Profit Ready Website
Market Research & Analysis Tools
Millionaire Mentorship
Core “Business Start Up” Training