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Last Update: February 01, 2018

Hi everyone I have now been with WA 2 weeks and I am working my way through the Affiliate Bootcamp I have just completed the first 10 lessons in phase one. I have had to re-visit lessons more the videos to follow the step by step instructions but, I have made it to the end and completed the tasks within.



Now is time to reflect and review, whilst I am doing this I shall be walking my 2 beautiful dogs as the weather here blue skies sunshine but with a crispness in the air.

Today I will be starting phase 2 and hopefully everything will sink in.

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tobocrs Premium
Great work... I'm only into day 4, but I still feel like there's more I can be doing! "Time keeps on slippin'', slippin' "
rndrm1 Premium
RositaW Premium
Hi the appearance of my blog is not how I set it out why does it change when you publish