What Do You Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing? Ask WA

Last Update: July 19, 2019

Since joining the super affiliate Challenge, I have come to appreciate Wealthy Affiliate much more now than before, I have been doing a lot of research and studying Affiliate Marketing and the training programs that are available out there, and what they cost and the training offered.

It has led me to ask this question, what do you need to know about affiliate marketing? whatever it is that you need to know is right here and it's within reach, you just need to type whatever it is that you need to know on the search bar here in Wealthy Affiliate and the answers are right there.

Most Affliate Marketing Training Programs Have diffrent Levels of membership depending on where You are in Training

Did you know that most Affiliate marketing training programs, require you to upgrade to a new level if you want to learn beyond beginner level of training? I recently came across a program where the upgrades go as high as 10K that's right, ten thousand American dollars for an Affiliate marketing training.

Wealthy affiliate Provides All You Need Within Just One Level Membership

I think this program and community is the best in the world and I am not basing this on the fact that I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I am basing this on the research that I have done and the comparison that I have made myself.

And it's not only about the price it's also about the quality of the training offered here at Wealthy Affiliate, I recently analyzed a training that was costing $250 per month and I was expecting that the training will be mind blowing.

First of all there is no create as you learn like we do here in Wealthy Affiliate, this training was designed like a school where you will have to spend like 3 or 4 months just learning and taking notes, then you can go back to your notes and refer to then when you are finally ready to build your website and start your online business.

Work On Your Website As You Learn

Here in Wealthy affiliate you are working on your website as you learn, and you can even start making money even as you are learning, for example if you find this program to be the most awesome training program, which I think it is, you can tell your friends and they can join under you and you earn commission.

Of course, I am not at all implying that, this is a get-rich-quick sort of program but I am just trying to say that the possibilities of making money are there, and as you work hard and persevere, you will see results that's for sure.

I think Wealthy Affiliate has made it so easy for people to learn Affiliate Marketing and the only thing that can limit you is yourself, I just read a blog post right here at WA that made me think a lot. The Author asked if you are prepared to work for one year without making even $1.

I think the thing that make people quit Affiliate Marketing even before they start, is the unrealistic expectations. As someone who has had an offline business, I can assure you that any business needs time to grow before you can start seeing any fruits.

Giving Your Business A Grace Period

When I started my offline business, I did a course on business management and one of the things we were taught is giving your business what was termed as grace period, the grace period is where you don't expect to make any money from your business.

And it's supposed to last 6 months to a year, and if you are lucky and you end up making some money from the business within 6 months to a year, we were taught not to spend that money but put it back into the business, so within a year we were not to take any money from the business.

And so we were told if indeed within a year you do not see any progress whatsoever, then it will be time to re-examine your business and decide whether the strategies you are using are the right ones, or you want to try a diffrent approach.

The funny thing about what I have said, is that when I joined Wealthy Affiliate, about 3 months in I was very frustrated with my niche website and I even considered deleting the site and start over. I think there is this thing when it comes to online business.

We want to start a website today and by next week we want to start seeing some sales, because hey, there are billions of people online right? I think to some extent our mind does get influenced by the get-rich-quick concept, I know I read many of those get-rich-quick articles before finding WA.

The Apricot Tree

This is my little apricot tree and the little green things you see under the tree is coriander. My tree is only 4 months old


My neighbor came over to our house with a bag of apricots from his tree the other day, it's the first time the tree is giving fruit, well, technically it's the second year but he told us last year it only gave 2 apricots. I know now you are wondering where I am going with this and you even think that I have lost the plot.

Anyway, I asked the neighbor, how long he's had the tree, see I too have a small apricot tree and I just wanted to know how long I have to wait until I too can have my own apricots, he told me that his tree is 8 years old now, so that means it gave it's first fruit when it was 6 years old.

My point here is, you have to give your website time to grow, of course, I am not saying it's gonna take as long as my little apricot tree but, give your business time, and if you don't give up, you will indeed reap the fruits.


Wealthy Affiliate has provided you with all the tools you need to succeed, all that remains now is you and how far you want to take your business.

The secret is to follow the training and to implement what you learn, and keep moving forward, keep your website online no matter what, and surely success is within reach.

Thank you so much for your time and please leave me a like and a comment :)


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You have it figured out. We just have to do the work and hang in there.
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Hi Rose,

Thank you for a great post.

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Wonderful information. You are right on!
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Anything worth having always seems to take time. A diamond was not made in a day. Great post. Gene
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This is a great post, every thing you mentioned the different programs, and the cost, is spot on, and the patience needed to see some fruit from your business that is so true and for me I think this is the hardest part of affiliate marketing. Thanks for this post.
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thank you so much for reading and commenting