How To Create A Pro TikTok Account

Last Update: May 14, 2020

Hi, guys today I would like to share with you, how to create a Pro TikTok Account, its actually very simple, And its free, you just need to download the TiKTok app, then you need to create account choose a nice user name.

If you want to use TikTok to promote your blog, you might want to consider using your blog name or a variation of it. And the same goes for your YouTube channel. If your aim is to promote your YouTube channel, then you might consider using the same name as your Youtube Channel. OK so lets get into how to create a pro TikTok account.

Once you have created your TikTok Account, then when you are on your profile, all you have to do is click on the 3 dots at the right side just next to your user name, then it will take you to a menu that looks like the screenshot below

Then you need to click manage account, and then on the next menu you will see an option to switch your account into pro account. Select that, and then your TikTok will be switched into a pro account, the screenshot below shows an option to switch to personal account because mine is already a Pro account.

So What Are The Benefits Of Having A Pro TikTok Account?

Well, having a Pro account gives you access to your analytics so you can see how your content is performing, you get to see, where your followers are coming from, their ages and genders, you can also see which times of the day, they are most active.

The next thing that you get access to, is information on whether your videos are making it into the main feed which is called for you page. You want your videos to make it into the main feed because that is how you will be able to reach more people.

Now according to the TikTok Gurus, the for you page is divided into categories, the first category will be your location, in the world, your video will be shown to a small group of people, and then depending on how that group reacts to it, then the next group will be bigger if your video performs well there, then it will be released to other feeds.

If the reaction is positive, meaning lots of likes comments and shares, then your video will go viral. The first 24 hours are the most crucial. Meaning your video needs to perform really well in the first 24 hours.

Can You Make Money On TikTok?

Yes, people are making money on TikTok, the most common way I see people making money on TikTok is by doing what is called going live, Basically you stream live to your followers. And then if they like your content, they might decide to reward you by sending you gifts.

The gifts are purchased by your followers where they get TikTok coins and then use the coins to send you gifts. Once your gifts reach $50 in value, then you can cash them, and the money will be sent to your PayPal account.

But even if you don't get gifts you can easily send people to your affiliate offers, because while you are streaming live, you are not pressed for time, which is the case with videos. Videos on TikTok, have to be very short, I have a video that is 60 seconds and when I check my analytics the average watch time on that video is 7 seconds.

This means that your video has to be super captivating for people to watch the whole 15, or 60 seconds.

Now, you need to know that you cannot go live until you reach 1000 followers, but getting 1k followers is not difficult at all, you can hit that in one day, if you post a video and its received well. My videos haven't been that great, and I have managed to reach 15.9k in just 2 months that I have been active.

Another way is by brand deals but of course you need to have a considerable number of followers, before you start landing brand deals. And of course there are people who are creating and growing TikTok accounts and then selling them.

How To Go Viral On TikTok

Going viral on TikTok is still a mystery to many, but the gurus suggest that you have to make sure you follow the hottest trends and challenges.

Even if you are going to create content in targeted niche, you might want to take a break once in a while and create a video or two following the hottest challenge, just to drive traffic to your profile.

Based on my experience, the TIkTok algorithm is quite interesting, for example, I posted a video that I had spent almost the whole day creating, I made sure I used as many relevant hashtags as possible, and then I posted it, I was so sure it would go viral, because I had spent lots of time studying the videos that had gone viral, I made sure I used the same sound that they used.

Then I waited, apart from my followers, the video did not get much engagement. Then someone asked me a question in the comment section of that video, and since on Tiktok you can answer a comment with a video, I decided to answer with a video.

Obviously I did not use any sounds or hashtags because I was specifically answering that particular question. Within 1 hour, that video of me answering a question, had received 20k views.

I have noticed cat, dog and baby videos are almost guaranteed to go viral. I am even considering asking my neibour if I can borrow her cat for TikTok, lol just kidding :)

Also the more you can make a fool of yourself, the better lol Seems like the algorithm goes through your profile and chooses the most ridiculous video and they show that one to the world lol, there are even videos of people stating this very fact.


Tiktok is the best platform at the moment, its easy to grow on Tiktok and its easy to use. You can record many videos and save them as drafts, and then you will be able to post them in intervals, which will save you time, and yet still remaining active on the platform.

But you must save some time to engage with other people's accounts because that will speed up your growth on TikTok.

Just remember the app can be quite addictive so don't spend too much time on it and forget your websites.

Anyway, I hope you have found value in my post today. If so please leave me a like and a comment. I have noticed that my posts are not performing so well here at WA, I don't know if the WA algorithm does not like me anymore, or my content has become boring.

Well, thank you for your time.


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CDarling1 Premium
Just heard about TikTok yesterday believe it or not. One of my young friends asked me if I had it. Just downloaded it about 15 minutes ago. Then, I get on the board and you're discussing it. Wow! I have a better understanding of it after reading your post. I'm interested but I'm not yet quite ready to try it. When I do start, I'd definitely want to get your advice if you don't mind. Do you have to post videos?
Roseblogger Premium
Yes you do need to post videos but if you don’t want to film yourself you can use images instead and create a slideshow.
CDarling1 Premium
Thank you!
BobMargroff Premium
This is really great advice! Thanks for posting this. I haven’t really given it any thought to use TikTok yet.

But am now thinking it could be beneficial.

I wish you the best!

Roseblogger Premium
Yes Bob, it could help by driving free traffic to your offers.
BobMargroff Premium
It was easy to set up... I had a personal account. Now its a Pro account... LOL!

I like the analytics aspect of it... not that I'm using it now. But, it's ready when I need it.

Thanks again.
Roseblogger Premium
OH, wow, don't forget to follow me when you are active on TikTok, just know some of my videos are in Greek. But I do have English ones too.
LenkaSophie Premium
Thanks for this, Rose, might come handy one day. There's just so much to do one doesn't know what to do first :)
Roseblogger Premium
I know what you mean. Well, when you are ready to TikTok, then you know how to create a pro account lol
LenkaSophie Premium
Sure! Thanks again!
BruceStephen Premium
Thanks Rose for this information. I have never heard of TikTok and you have given us a good idea of what it is about.
Regards Bruce
Roseblogger Premium
Thank you so much, Bruce.
BrendaMZ Premium
Thanks for sharing. I understand from your brief instructions on how to do this. It seems pretty extensive amount of work but then again all social media platform is like that. It takes a lot of time to make videos just as much as it does writing 3k words content.

There is just so much we all can do in one day. This blog isn't boring. It is interesting information. For some of us, any marketing that we do extensively requires time and effort. There are no real shortcuts to free marketing unless you invest into paid ads. Paid ads do brings more results and provides efficiency for people who are limited on time.

Its a new platform, I believe it is owned by a Chinese internet company, ByteDance.

There has been some negative reports about the company but Im sure its probably false, if it was indeed true the Chinese government would shut them down, and the government also owns them as well.
Roseblogger Premium
Hi Brenda, the good thing about TikTok Videos, they are short, you can only create 15 or 60-second videos, the reason why my video took me long to make was that I kept recording and re-recording because I wanted it to be just right.

OK, so maybe I exaggerated when I said took all-day lol it did take a couple of hours though to get it just how I wanted.
Yes, there have been some negative reviews of the app, but that has not stopped over a billion people from using it.

In my opinion if I can reach people through this app, why not use it? even Instagram is in the process of creating an app that is exactly like TikTok because they can see how TikTok has taken over the world.
They have already launched it in South America.

I read somewhere that the Instagram version of TikTok is called Lasso. YouTube is also working on another one called Shorts to compete with TikTok.