What is Your Work-at-Home Situation Like? Why It Matters

Last Update: February 05, 2021

Do you work at a kitchen table, or at a spot in the living room or dining room? Do you settle down on your bed with your back to the wall? I'm glad to say that while I may spread out batches of papers on the dining room table for an hour or so sometimes, I share a nice home office with my husband. I'm in the office now, and it's very peaceful because he happens to be working in the yard at present. The dogs are out with him, and the cat is asleep on the heater vent near my desk. But even when my hubby is also working in the office, we respect each other's space and save our chit chat for meals.

I'm not writing this to hold my situation up as the ideal. It happens that I just read an article in my Stanford alumni magazine. It reported on a variety of research projects, all of which showed that people working at home were more satisfied when their working space was apart from the rest of the home. Concentration was better, and people found they could create a sense of separation between work and domestic life. This led to better work.

What about you? What is your situation and could you make it any better?

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Thokozile7 Premium
Hi Rosana. My office is my study where I enjoy adequate privacy. The family knows that once the study door is shut, no one is allowed in. Before I moved to the study I used one part of our bedroom but that had a lot of challenges especially if I wanted to work late.
Christorv Premium Plus
A very reflective posts - where we call home is usually where we can really be in a our element- so maximizing our productivity in such a space is so critical. Overcoming the distractions and moving with momentum is key indeed,

Time for an organized work at home environment to help us move forward- To Success!!!
JeannineC Premium
I have my own office. My husband has his, but he always goes to a coffee shop instead. I'm still in here all the time, early morning until late at night, but it's because I love my what I do. Still, there's also a challenge if we are both on the phone at the same time - too easy to get messed up with each other's conversations!
1Rudy1 Premium
I live alone and have set up the 2nd bedroom as my workspace. It doubles for art studio/photo studio, with plenty of room for my table with laptop, 24" screen and printer.
Picked up a nice 4 drawer file cabinet for 20 bucks at a thrift store! Now I have room for all of my projects...grin.

I sound that creating your own space is vital to having uninterrupted time even if for only a couple of hours.

Piece of mind, for sure!
Jessiefido Premium
Hi Rosana, for me I try to get work done wherever I am in the apartment depending on what time of day it is!

Since this pandemic started my wife has been working from home for nearly a year now so has taken over the spare bedroom 'office space' with her laptop plus three additional screens!

So I alternate between the kitchen table, sofa and bed, depending on how my back is feeling, what I'm actually working on and if the dog will let me!