Santa Fe? Yes, No, YES!

Last Update: August 27, 2019

My husband and I were going to go to Santa Fe for several nights, and thanks to one of my six relatives we would meet there, our stay in the Hilton by the plaza would be paid for. We had a friend lined up at home in southern New Mexico to be a petsitter for our dogs and cat, and it seemed that the trip was going to be lots of fun We had lists of things to do beforehand. Our car was ready.

But yesterday I got a phone call from the relative who had organized the whole thing. She'd been told by her primary medical provider that she had a potentially serious health problem and would be best advised to stay home, nowhere near Santa Fe. She would call me back after she talked to her specialist.



A few hours later, she called back, elated. She did not after all have the medical problem they had warned her she might. She had no medical problem! The trip was back on. I was very glad for her health and also glad for our trip.

We'll be leaving in a few days and we'll be gone almost a week. Our Labor Day weekend will be in Santa Fe.

Tra la!

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Carson2 Premium
Beautiful area The best to you and your future WA achievements.
JoePlale Premium
I was born and raised in Rural Albuquerque, and have been to SantaFe MANY times, in years gone by.
I am sure it is quite a bit different now than in the 40s to 60s

I have just, this week, renewed contact with a Dear Friend from my past, that lives in Placitas ...
Also, I just found out that another HS Girlfriend died last year ...

Guess it is my week to hear news from NM

OK Kid .. Have a good time in SantaFe


LoreleiH Premium
Glad to hear your relative is ok. Have a great trip!
Wdcope Premium
Never been there, but we have talked about the area to visit sometime. Glad it worked out ok for you. Have fun!
FKelso Premium
I am glad your trip is on. We all need to have fun adventures that we have looked forward to, and in Santa Fe, a fun adventure is easy to find -- love that city! Enjoy yourself!