My Pinterest Account Got Messed Up Because I Didn't Update Links

Last Update: May 16, 2020

OK, so as you all know, I moved my skincare website to a new domain. And of course after consulting with the site support and asking them if it was OK to delete the old site, they confirmed that it was OK. So I deleted the old site.

After Deleting the Site I noticed that my old Pins on Pinterest stopped getting engagement, But the new pins were OK, My account started going down in views, I had over 80k monthly views, and then it started going down, and it went all the way down to now only12k.

The Views And Pin Engagements Were Going Down Drastically

I could not figure out what was going on, until yesterday, I clicked on one of my old pins, it was one of my best performing pins, and it had stopped performing. When I clicked on it I got a shock, instead of going to my website, I just got a massage saying site cannot be found.

That's because the pins were linked to the old domain that I deleted. So, since yesterday I have been doing damage control. I have noticed that the images that I had saved directly from the website, the URL cannot be edited, so I have to delete all of them.

I deleted a few, and replaced the URL on the pins that I could edit( those are the ones I created in Canva), I am waiting to see what happens. The problem is that, I had of course branded all the pins with the old domain, so the pin says a different website on the image.

I am not sure if that will create problem, but I have claimed my current domain, so I guess Pinterest can see that I am linking to my claimed website.

Lesson Learned

So now I know that if you change your domain and delete the old site, all your pins will be linking to a non-existent site. Which of course will have a negative effect on your Pinterest account because when People click on the link and they can't go to the website, that is really bad.

So if you ever change your domain, remember to update your pins, and if you have some that you had saved directly from your website, I guess they all have to go!

There Was Another Problem With My Other Account.

I also had another problem that I would like to mention, on my other Pinterest account, I had created it as a personal account, and then converted it into business, unfortunately I had linked the personal account into the business account when I converted.

So I had two accounts with the same name, when I deleted the personal account, both accounts despaired. So I contacted Pinterest Support asking them what to do, I did not know what had happened and it was them who informed me that when I converted my personal account into a Business account, I had linked both accounts.

Pinterst re activated my accounts and told me that I had to decide what I want to do.

The solution was either to keep both accounts, or delete both accounts and start over, I asked them if I can save all the pins to my skincare account, and then re pin them on my new account, they said that was fine.

So I saved all my pins, then I deleted both accounts, and then I went to Pinterest Business page, and created a new Business account. And now all is well. While I was with the Pinterest support I did ask them about the image pin measurements and they told me that the smallest should be 600X900 But the best is 1000x1500.


I have to spend the next few days going through my old pins and see which ones I can edit and which ones I have to delete. It's a lot of work but it has to be done. I am also thinking of contacting Pinterest to Inform them what is going on.

Not sure if that is necessary, since they can see what I am doing.

Well, that's it for now, I just wanted to share so if anyone decides to move their website to a new domain, then they know what will happen to their pins on Pinterest.

Thank you for your time.


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Stanleycmng Premium
Thanks for sharing, Rose. The documentation on Pinterest is really poor. A lot of what you are experiencing is not documented, like what happens when you change domains.

I am also having problems with personal and business account confusion but have not done anything because I am unsure of the consequences.

Hope all recovers for you soon.
Ropesa Premium
Thank you Stanley.
LMH1968 Premium
Such a shame all your hard work.
I hope you get it sorted soon.
Ropesa Premium
Thank you Lisa
CordeliaN Premium
Something I never even knew to be aware of, thankyou for the heads up, good luck with the work and task ahead, guess we know what you will be doing over the weekend...😳👍
Ropesa Premium
Thank you, yes I will be deleting pins and editing some, this weekend lol
Sonny40 Premium
wow. That really sucks. Hope you get it sorted out, Rose. And thanks for sharing your experience
Ropesa Premium
Thank you Sonny, we live and learn, right? It's OK, at least I found out what the problem was and now I can fix it.
BobMargroff Premium
Wow, Rose. That’s a lot of work. But, I guess that is the way things go when we make changes.

I hope everything works out for you and that your engagements go back up again.

I wish you the best!

Ropesa Premium
Thanks, Bob, I am sure with time all will be back to normal.