I really need a pick me up today

Last Update: February 24, 2019

No this is not a complain

I read a post here in WA about how newbies come all excited and then after a couple of months they come complaining about how things are not working out and how angry they are, the post also went on to say how the newbie would have 5 or ten posts on their website and complain about how they are not making money.

I want to distance myself from that scenario

My post is not about that, yes I am a newbie, I joined WA in December 2018 and I have payed my yearly subscription, and my first website has more than 30 posts and the second website has a good number of posts and I am working every day researching so I can put good quality content on both websites, the first website, I am putting two posts every week because I have to work harder on the new website.

No I have no complaints about WA whatsoever, I am very happy.

I am just feeling down because I am soon going to be dropped by Amazon from their program because I have not made any sale. And as if that was not enough, I also found out that my views on Pinterest are going down despite me working my butt off this past week pinning 3 times a day.

Then Google is dragging its feet on indexing my new site.

So no this is not a case of honeymoon phase being over, my honeymoon with WA will go on and on and on, this is a case of a newbie needing to vent that's all.

I totally understand that I am new at this and its gonna take time, and I am a very patient person, I also now know that I shouldn't have joined affiliate programs so early in the game, but I was following the training step by step, and I did not know anything about affiliate marketing before I joined WA.

I am not making excuses, I am just saying that with my new site, I am working on avoiding the mistakes I made with my first site, for example I am not planing on joining affiliate programs with my new niche until, my site is up and running and has good number of posts. Also, with my new site I had done lots of research before purchasing the domain.

So those are my thoughts, I feel much better after writing this.

Anyway, I shall go back to work now.

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TeriCalhoun Premium
I'll take a look at them Ropesa and see if I see anything. I think one of the best ways to assess the behavior of crowds and individuals is to know thyself. We are all so busy trying to get something acccomplished and so focused on that that we get tunnel vision and can't see what is going on around us. For example, I know that if I don't comment on other people's posts on Facebook for an extended period of time that fewer and fewer people comment on my posts. Life is a dance. Very few solo acts gain recognition, That is my perception based on my perspective down here at the grsss roots. I don't know that it is a fact. Will take a looksee dear. Keep the faith.
sprassi Premium
Hey there. Nice post and I think you have a really good website idea. I am no expert, and I am much newbie than you, but, as your website visitor, may I give you a few suggestions? When I visited your website, I was kind of confused of what I have to do, because I am used to seeing blogs in a certain way, and yours looks a little bit different. First steps would be to arrange the content in a way that doesn't really confuse, and tells the message you want to tell. Catchy headlines, and a short excerpt from your blog post that immediately catches the eye of the visitor will be nice to have. You can have the mission statement of the website separately, highlighted may be, not mixed with your blog post. A nice mug shot of yours will also help in building trust. After researching about the business of affiliate marketing for some time, i think our websites and the content that comes with it is our product and that's what is going to bring in consistent sales. Everything else are just tools that help in building this great product. I hope I didn't come across like a know it all, and there are thousands of experts here in WA who can guide you nicely.

Ropesa Premium
Thank you so much, you have given me very good and helpful suggestions.
MikaelM Premium
Great to see you are committed to keep working as the results will then happen sooner. Great attitude.

One way to get traffic and success faster would be to just focus on one site for now and put all your time into that. Once that is successful you can expand to other sites. But in the beginning success will take longer the more you spread out.
Ropesa Premium
Thank you so much, so you think I was too quick in starting a new site?
MikaelM Premium
It depends how much time you have to work on your sites. But in general, yes I think it is best to start with one site and put all the effort into that. Then it will become a success a lot faster because you will put in twice the work compared to splitting your attention.

In addition to this there is a lot of learning with the first site. So by putting in all your effort with one site and make it a success you will avoid making some of the same mistakes on both sites in the beginning.

Instead you will be then be able to achieve success even faster with your second site because you now know exactly what it takes because you have already done it once.
mmonterola Premium
You are doing good. And you are working hard, that's for sure.

Those are learning curves .

We just have to be patient and persevering.

Good luck!

Ropesa Premium
Very true, thank you so much.
wendyk Premium
Don't get discouraged. It is different for everyone. Just don't quit. Keep pushing through.
Ropesa Premium
No I will not quit, I am very determined to work hard, its just that it would be nice to see a sale even if its just one to lift my spirits.