I am On The Top 50, I Don't Know For How Long

Last Update: February 25, 2020

I was supposed to post this a couple of days ago when I reached the top 50 but I am doing it now before I am kicked out of the top 50 club so it can go in the records that I have been there. Actually I am almost out because I am at 49 right now so I guess its just a matter of time.

My rank here at WA will drop these coming days because I will not be so active, as I plan to work very hard on my websites these coming days.

I want to push out lots of content.

The research is done, I just need to write those articles.

Yes I Was In The Top 50

So yeah, I have been on top 50 and I am so happy about that because I have never been there before.

I will make sure that I remain in the top 200 because that is how I hold myself accountable and make sure that I am helping and giving back to WA.

I do try to welcome a least 5 premium members every day, and answer a couple of questions, plus comment on blogs.

When I am creating content in site content, during a break I check notifications and see if there are new questions or new blog posts that I can comment on.

My Battle With The Yoast SEO Plugin

On another note, has anyone been fighting with the Yoast Plugin to get those two green smiley faces? lol I like how the plugin guides you until you get it right.

I had created a post a few months ago and it was perfect in terms of SEO, and readability, so I saved it as a template, but I still find myself fighting the Yoast because sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don't so I have to go back on the post and keep editing until I get it write.

This practice has helped me a lot when I am writing because I always try to do it properly otherwise Mr Yoast will be yelling at me and saying fix it lol.

Well, that is it for now, hope your online business is going well and wish you lots and lots of visitors and sales.

Thank you for your time


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LenkaSophie Premium
Rose, I'm with you on that! I also work hard on the content so I don't spend much time here but I try to pop in at least during breaks when writing or when I'm searching in jaaxy.
It is hard to manage everything. But it will pay off and then we can spend more time here.
Staying in the top 200 is important for me too as I expect to keep falling. I'm still floating around 30 :)
Have a nice day!
OlafLaser Premium
Hi Rose,
very well done! Keep up the good work in the community and - if ever- you fall out of the Top 50 ... I bet, you will be in fast again ;-)

Regarding the SEO plugin ... do you recommend it? I am still in the training and there the All in One SEO is recommended ... until now at least.

Best Regards
Ropesa Premium
Hi Olaf, I think the All In One SEO is easier to use so just continue with that and then when you are ready to create your second website, then maybe you can try the Yoast Plugin.
FKelso Premium
Good for you! I bounce back and forth, in and out of the top 50. Was an ambassador for a while but then went to CA for a month and lost my momentum. Right now I'm 53, but that is not a final count. Tomorrow it will be different yet again.

It's just something that happens...
Ropesa Premium
Thank Fran
LadyLou Premium
And so well deserved Rose, I can understand all too well how all of WA and our websites take up a huge amount of time and effort. So I take my hat off to you for being in the top 50.

I haven’t used Yoast.
I have a list of things to research further..Yoast has now been added to it.

Best Wishes
Ropesa Premium
Thank you so much, Louise, and thank you for you know what ;)
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Oh, Rose!! Congratulations! You give yourself too little credit!! You're doing such a wonderful job and your efforts are paying off!! (I was going to say that you'd be classified in the Top 50 -- until you become an Ambassador in the Top 25!)

You've got this, my friend! I'm so excited to be on this journey with you!!

Ropesa Premium
Wow! Thank you so much, Heidi.