How To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing If Only I knew This In 2012

Last Update: July 29, 2019

I would like to talk about how to succeed in affiliate marketing and I would like to share somethings that I wish I knew back in 2012, see that is when the words affiliate marketing were mentioned to me, and even though I was intrigued, I did not take the necessary measures to learn affiliate marketing.

Today as I was going through my usual WA routine which consists of welcoming at least 5 new members to Wealthy Affiliate and answering a few questions, I welcomed one member and they said thank you and then asked me to share my experience with WA and share my secrets on how to succeed in affiliate marketing.

It Just hit me this morning and I had an AHA moment

As I was thinking about my experience in WA, It hit me that, I have never really shared my journey in details about my attempts at creating websites and about my interest in learning how to make money online.

Anyway, as I was answering the new member and trying to put things into perspective without writing a whole novel, I decided I will come here and blog about this in detail, and as I was thinking about the things that we are taught here at WA, I thought its not just about learning how to make money online or how to do affiliate marketing.

Here we are actually being taught how to succeed in affiliate marketing and that is something I did not have and I had not found through all my atempts to learn this business.

Back in 2012 I had a website But I didn't know what I was doing

So, let me share a little about my journey, in 2012 someone tried to teach me affiliate marketing, he showed me how to register a domain and how to get hosting, which I did, So I had a website, but I really did not know what I was doing.

And also the person in question didn't know much because now being here at WA, I can see the things I did wrong with that website, first I had zero knowledge about keywords or content creation, and of course I had zero support or security for my website.

Then I lost touch with the person who helped me create the website and few weeks late the website was hacked and I lost it because I didn't know what to do. from there I kept taking one course after another trying to learn websites and affiliate marketing, and then in 2016 I decided to start a blog.

Well, that didn' go well either, so from there on I decided to give up on the make money online idea and just focus on other things, but because it was something that I was always interested in, I found myself reading articles and watching videos that are related to the subject.

I thought making money online was a myth

And to be honest I kept thinking maybe the whole make money online idea was a myth, but the more articles I read the more it sounded like it actually could be something that people are making money with, then I looked at the things I buy online and I said to myself.

Well, I am always reading reviews of products before I buy the products so obviously the person who is writing the reviews is getting something out of my purchase. Then one day I came across an article that changed my life.

The article was actually a review, it was a review of Wealthy Affiliate.

And the rest as they say... well actually it wasn't that simple, when I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate I was thinking yeah here we go again, but as I moved through the training, I realized this was the real deal and this platform was for real. And that's when I wrote the post asking why I didn't find WA sooner.

I can see now the things I did wrong

After learning so many things here at Wealthy Affiliate, I look back at the way I did things with my first website and I can see that there are many things I did wrong, for example I think the longest post I had there was 5 hundred words and as I mentioned earlier I knew nothing about keyword research.

To be honest I think if I had found WA back then, I would have been very far, but then again I was not really working seriously on the website, so maybe even if I had found WA then maybe I won't have gone far because I was not putting in the work.

But at least I would have learned how to do things the right way, my point is, the people who are finding WA now are very lucky because they are going to start their online business the right way, and they have all the tools and the support they need to succeed.

As for me, I am very happy to be a part of this wonderful community and I am determined to put in the work required to scale my business to the highest level possible.


a few things that I have learned in the time I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I have learned that you have to keep pushing yourself even when you feel like throwing in the towel, You have to be patient, and you have to give your website time.

Just keep pushing out those articles and if you can, try not to visit Google Analytics too often because that is the root of discouragement for a new website owner, I know when my website was new I was getting discouraged when I saw that the numbers were not changing.

Well, those are just a few words from me, just to give you an idea as to where I am coming from. Thank you so much for your time and please give me a like and a comment.


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AlanJE Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing your experience of Affiliate marketing Rose, Alan.
LCarpenter2 Premium
That was great. I'm still new. But I hear the same from all. Thinking about quitting. But pushing through. Now I don't feel so bad for doing the same. I'll never give up. Slow down maybe.
The best to you.
Ropesa Premium
Never quit Laura, keep pushing and in time the hard work will pay off.
You can slow down but don't quit and always keep your website live by renewing your hosting and your domain registration.
LCarpenter2 Premium
Thanks that is the plan. Never give up. No reason to. All the time in
The world.
The best to you.
SaraPoyner Premium
This is such a wonderful account of your journey and really motivating. Thanks Rose : )
Ropesa Premium
You are welcome Sara, thank you for reading and commenting :)
EHR Premium
Your writing is becoming authoritative Rose. You really are going somewhere. Gene
Ropesa Premium
Thank you so much, Gene.
Debra22753 Premium
Thanks for posting it helps keep me motivated. Best of luck here at WA. Peace out Deb
Ropesa Premium
Thanks, Deb