Milestone Reached : 300th Blog Post Published.Time to 'EAT-OUT'

Last Update: November 14, 2019

Hi all wonderful WA members.

It has been a while and as I write this blog I can still feel that excitement I had when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate just over 4 years ago.

Achieved a Goal That Was Long Overdue

I remember when 2019 started I was writing like crazy, and knew that if I were to continue at that pace, then I would easily hit my 400th blog post mark.

But here I am blogging about reaching a target that is 100 posts short.What happened and where did I go wrong?

The truth is, life can throw curveballs that can take you way off track.

I guess that's what happened to me.

Along my journey I stopped over to read some books, some about copywriting, some to self-empower. I invested time into learning more about Youtube, SEO and other aspects that I could integrate into my WA business.

So, whilst I did not get to my target, I still got my business to a point that makes me happy.

But, the real reason why I am so happy, is that I can finally go "EAT-OUT."


What do I mean by 'EAT-OUT?'

Let me explain...

I told my wife that everytime I reach a 50-interval blog post mark, we would go 'EAT-OUT' at a restuarant that we normally book for special occasions only.

We started doing this on my 200th (blogger-versary), and on the 250th.

And that brings me to my message to you.

>>>>>>>>Celebrate your WINS.<<<<<<<<

If you are brand new, and have just joined WA, that is a win already. You are ahead of many folks and want change in your life.

If you've just completed the first module, congrats.You've learned something new.

If you bought your first domain name. Well done.You staked your claim in the internet space.

If you've just published your first article. Awesome. You took the courage to put yourself out there.

Each of these are WINS. You should cherish them.You do not have to go 'EAT-OUT' on every win. You can simply give yourself a pat on the back, to say that you have done well.

Many times we compare ourselves to others. A dear friend of mine told me,,,,"you should not compare Your Beginning to Other People's End."

Your journey may take a different path....but in the end you will get there.

Thanks for reading.

All the best and Take Care


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GauravGaur Premium
Hi, Roopesh.
Congratulations. What a nice thought - Celebrate even the smallest moment, because you are ahead of many on the Success Track. The earlier you reach, the more time you will be having to help others. I am confident, your 500th post will be celebrated with more friends.
Warm Regards,
Gaurav Gaur
RoopeshG Premium
Hello Gaurav Gaur
Exactly! the small wins mean you are on the right path.

To be honest with you I never even think of reaching the 500th blog postmark. That is a good thought.

I definitely will celebrate it with all you awesome WA friends.

Hope that all is going well on your side?

Take Care
CStauber Premium
Hey 300 posts is something to brag about. I'd go EAT OUT too.
Thanks for the advice to celebrate our wins, no matter how small or large.

Have a blessed time
where ever you are
RoopeshG Premium
Charlotte, you are most welcome.

We are sometimes so hard on ourselves. Little do we realize that we have accomplished so much, yet we feel that it is not enough.

Wishing you a blessed time too. It is really lovely to hear from you.

Mick18 Premium
Wow 300 posts, that is awesome! Yes, I agree we should celebrate all of our wins big and small.
RoopeshG Premium
Hey Mickey
Yeap, you are 100% spot on. The small wins are equally important as big achievements.

Wish you tons of success.
All the best
DarrenNicola Premium
Congrats to you on your progress, this is really inspiring.
We wish you the very best and look forward to hearing your progress in the future.
All the best and well done.
Darren & Nicola :)
RoopeshG Premium
Hi Darren and Nicole
I hope that you guys are doing all well?

Thanks for the best wishes. I would like to wish you guys the best of everything too.
Do take care.