Wanna have more LUCK with your Business? (Do this 1 thing!)

Last Update: October 01, 2020

If you flip a coin, what is your probability of getting heads? - 50%

If you flip a coin TWICE, what is your probability of getting heads at least once? - 75%

If you flip a coin THRICE, what is your probability of getting heads at least once? - 87.5%


If you flip a coin 10 TIMES, what is your probability of getting heads at least once? - 99,9%

In the other words, by flipping the coin 10 times, your chances of NOT getting heads at least once is 0.01% = One in a thousand = Extremely unlikely

Now you're probably already asking...

What Has Flipping Coins to Do with Building an Online Business???


Building your business is like flipping a coin.

Now you're saying...

"WHAAATTT????? Roope, are you saying that business success is purely dependent on luck???"

No. That's not what I'm saying.

But your business success is dependent on probabilities.

Let's put it this way.

Building a blog = Coin flipping game

Getting heads = Reaching success (You define it for yourself: x number of visitors or earning y amount of money.)

Flipping a coin = Publishing a blog post

Let's start the Blogging game!

If you publish 1 blog post, what is your probability of reaching success? Extremely small.

If you publish 10 blog posts, what is your probability of reaching success? More than 10 times bigger (comparing to just 1 post).

If you publish 100 blog posts, what is your probability of reaching success? More than 100 times bigger (comparing to just 1 post).

Every single time when you publish a blog post, you are "flipping a coin" and your chances of success are getting bigger and bigger.

In fact, your chances of success will grow exponentially for several reasons:

  1. Your skills get better.
  2. You'll have more data.
  3. More people are sharing your content.
  4. More websites are linking to your site.
  5. Your blog has more and more authority on Google.
  6. Etc. Etc.

It's not a coincidence that blogs with more posts achieve more success on average. They are simply following simple probabilities that you learned at school as a teenager in the math lessons.

The Same Applies to YouTube (& other platforms!)

If you've read my Wealthy Affiliate blog posts before, you've seen the following pictures.

It shows the research of more than 3,000,000 YouTube channels with 1 simple question: How many videos the channel with x amount of subscribers have published on average?

See the results below:

The result is obvious and it can be explained with the law of probability (or law of averages).

YouTube channels with 1,000,000+ subscribers have simply flipped the coin thousands of times more than smaller channels.

I've seen similar statistics also about the amount of followers of social media accounts. The more you post, the more Twitter followers you'll have (or whatever platform you might be using).

Do you wanna be a superstar blogger, social media guru or the next PewDiePie?

=> Publish more content.

Can it be so simple?

Well, maybe you won't become the next PewDiePie because there's only one PewDiePie in the world but at least you can beat 99,99% of your competitors who quit flipping the coin sooner than you.

Does this mean that you should start publishing content just for the sake of publishing content? No.

If you publish content, just for the sake of publishing more content, your business can suffer more than benefit.

This simply means that by publishing 2 posts instead of one post signficantly increases your chances of success if the quality is the same.

Now you have the formula to be IMMEDIATELY LUCKIER with your business!

When you'll succeed big and someone asks, "Hey! How did you get so lucky?"

You can simply reply, "Roope showed me in Wealthy Affiliate how I can be luckier and it worked!" ;)

It's Your Time!

- Roope "Now you know how to be lucky" Kiuttu

Do you want to have a higher probability to succeed with your business?

Are you increasing your chances of success every day?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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jetrbby80316 Premium
Hi Roope,

I agree....and I disagree.
Sure, the higher the numbers, the higher the probability.
When I completed my 100th article (by only my 3rd month after I built my new website) I felt elated! It was easy for me to get excited, and I shared my excitement. Nothing wrong with that. But the sheer number is only 1/2 of the coin.

But it is all relative, By month 6, I completed 145 articles, but then I stoppled cold, and switched my focus to making You Tube videos (except for a few new articles).

Now I am going back to those 147 posts, and making all them better, by adding associated videos to them, new links, etc. (to drive more traffic). And I started adding new posts again.

So the moral of the story here (and what I learned), is that it may feel great to get to a HIGH NUMBER early (in my case 100 by month 3), but in the grand scheme of it all, the time and the number doesn't matter.

All that matters is how much traffic you are driving to those articles (or watch time and views to your videos), and how well they are converting.

It's better to have 20 articles (or videos) that are driving high conversions, than 100 videos that are driving hardly any conversions.

So I would suggest focus more on the Quality, not only the quantity.

EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Roope,

You prove a very important point. That is to stay focused on one thing and do that often. Like instead of trying use several social media sites to promote ones blogs, use one or at most two and post often.

You cannot beat the law of averages. So why not use that in our favor. With that in mind I will be publishing the 100th article for my website today.

Thanks for this tip.

RoopeKiuttu Premium
Congrats for the 100th post Edwin!
YumaBloggers Premium
Great advice on publishing like a beast, to flip more coins, and outwork the competition. BTW I have followed you on TikTock, and a couple of your fan accounts too. Found Eddy with a Y there and Little Mamma too, and have a budding following on my business linked account even before publishing a first video. I am thinking of an animated short to get introduced maybe but still deciding.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thanks for following on TikTok Andy.

What's Eddy's account name on TikTok? I'll follow him too.
jghwebbrand Premium
Thanks for the timey blog with Excellent proof of concept.
Seeing the estimated results definitely raises the urgency level.

I always like the last image. you were the one who introduced it to me. Thank you.

Just curious. I know a lot depends on keywords and following, etc. but what is your opinion of writing content vs YouTube in traffic?.

Thank you,
RoopeKiuttu Premium
YouTube has at least much less competition than Google so it's easier to get ranked and I've also seen from many sources that people are all the time spending time online watching more and more videos.
jghwebbrand Premium
Thank you.
TheAdvisor Premium
Great post Roope!

I always enjoy reading your WA blogs when I come around and I'm always learning something new because I can see why you are good at making quality content that is estructurized and educates the rest of us.

Our probabilities of success can also increase if we stick to what we know we are learning from someone who has already achieved it, and only continuing to grow as an affiliate marketing entrepreneur!

Thank you for sharing your motivational post with us.