Good news and Bad news

Last Update: July 26, 2020

Today I have good news and bad news for all of you who are making money online or you are in the pursuit of doing so.

Sounds Too Good to Be True?

The old saying goes, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

However, I'd say that that saying is only correct in some cases.

For example, when I heard about Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing for the first time, it really sounded too good to be true for me personally. Because I didn't have any experience of this.

I wrote down on a paper that I want to make money online and travel around the world. It was my dream and that really seemed too good to be true.

But as you probably know, it happened and my dream became true and I learned to make money online that enabled me to travel around the world.

Something that sounded too good to be true, was actually 100% true.

So, here's my modern version of that old saying:

  • Anyone who PROMISES for you something too BIG without almost any effort nor prior experience is usually a liar.

There are 2 main things that I want to point out from that principle:


You can really achieve extraordinary things in life. If you work hard enough, you'll probably achieve things that you never imagined would be possible.


It will ALWAYS, ALWAYS and ALWAYS require effort.

Anyone who claims that you can get results without effort is usually a liar:

  • "Get into a perfect physical shape with this new machine easily." (Fitness)
  • "Earn $75 today by watching videos online." (YouTube scammers such as Big Mark)
  • "Become a millionaire in 90 days with this new investment." (Investment scams)
  • "Make $9,257 in the next 30 days with this new 12-minute online business model." (Online business scams)

They promise you things without EFFORT AND...


Once you have achieved a certain level, it's much easier to maintain than it is to get there.

For example, when you go to the gym for the first time, it's hard to lift heavy weights. But once you achieve a certain level, it's much easier to maintain it. There are many reasons for that: You've built the right habits, your body is used it, you have muscle memory, etc.

The same goes for any skill:

I became one of the best chess players in Finland... It took endless hours of practice and 1,000's of games to get to that level. Now I can take a break for many months (or even more) and I barely notice any loss in my skills. It's easy to maintain that level once you've achieved it.

Learning languages. Mastering a new language, takes a lot of effort. You may feel like you'd never learn it and after a day of practicing a new language you feel exhausted. But once you do it enough, you'll master it and speaking in that language becomes natural to you. Now maintaining that fluent level takes much less effort than it took for you to learn it.

Online Business:

If someone starts from 0 without any prior experience, it will be in most cases impossible to make a significant amount of money in the next 30 days. That's just the reality, no matter what's the business model.

However, let's take a person who has already prior experience of building online businesses. It will be much easier for him. Let's add that he may have a large email list where he can send a mass email and make money "with a few clicks of a button".

Good News + Bad News

Which one do you wanna hear first?

Let's take the good news...

Once you reach a certain level with your online business, making money is much easier than it was before.

What about the bad news?

Getting breakthroughs and reaching new levels will always require effort.

That's it.

- Roope "Achieving the next level ALWAYS requires effort but maintaining that level is easier" Kiuttu

PS. Now I'd love to hear from you.

Have you noticed that reaching the next level is always harder than maintaining the current level?

Let me know in the comments below! :)

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EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Roope,

Sorry to say when I learn something, after time I forget what I learned and have to go through the process again. I also play the piano. At 74 I cannot play like I did say thirty years ago.

I agree that it takes less effort to relearn what once was fresh. Hence, it pays to learn things well the first time.

Sadly, it is easier to maintain mental capacity compared to the physical as one gets older. I wish it was otherwise.


Roybretton Premium
Good morning Roope,

Thank you for your blog post, I hope you're doing well.

Great and very true words in your blog post Roope, it certainly takes time to build any business.

I can remember when I was starting out, seeing the type of headlines you're referring to; "the 12 minute business model", "no experience necessary", the list goes on! I think I have almost became blind to this type of headline now, thankfully!

Stepping up to the next level can be difficult, sometimes it's far too easy to stay at the current level. However, we need to rise up big time and get to that next level.

Incidentally Roope, it's great to see that your dreams have came true and well done for achieving so much with your chess playing. I know you are working hard, well done.

Have a great day Roope.

MattilaP Premium
That's all true Roope. No one's going to be good in one night. All you need is practice and practice....
Of course I'm skeptical for this WA Concept... Can I really make money for this. But I'm glad to note that Community is very helpful and that's why I want learn more and make my dream come true.
TDenise Premium
The concept of getting alot for a little is intriguing, so I see why people are attracted to it. Who wouldn't want to get wealthy while sitting on the couch somewhere?

Unfortunately, the people who have had the easy success like in the case where they win the lotto or get an inheritance, it's not as fulfilling as something you work hard for.

I agree it's much harder to get started with something than it is to keep at it. I'll add that in business, when you want to go from $1000/mo to $5000/mo to $10000/mo to $100,000/mo, it's like a new start.

You know how to keep making $1000, but you might have to tweak a few things to get to $5k, and likewise, you're more than likely to have to tweak things to go from $1k to $1M: lots of habit change, time management changes, prioritization changes, communication skills, sales skills, diligence, leadership and delegation, and so on.
WaltM Premium
Indeed. A true inspirational piece of insight.

Thank you for sharing.

As a first- timer at building a online business I dare to think having no prior experience mean try the impossible.

But. To implement the potential of achieving breakthrough results.

I agree reaching the next level is harder than maintaining the current.


This path to our potential I think is best found by mental conviction...

I think we all have a door in us for opening & reaching new levels --thru keen interest & observation from both present & past efficacy..

This is the effort I seek or must discover before I go to work on a new skill, I first realize that l have all the potential I need.

Learning the process of a new skill set is always awkward at first, so I call this the mechanical stage, until it gets to feeling almost natural.

Like you say it is effort that makes it so.

All the best,
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thanks for sharing your insights Walter!