"Can I do this if I'm a beginner?"

Last Update: July 12, 2020

I get this question every day:

"Can I do this if I'm a beginner?"

Yes you can.

Most People Start as Beginners Here

In my experience of seeing 1,000's of people starting out here, most people start as complete beginners without any prior experience.

When I started in Wealthy Affiliate, I didn't even know what affiliate marketing means.

My estimate is that 90% of the new members are complete beginners without prior experience of making money online.

Some people do have experience of these things when they join WA but not so many in my experience.

You Can Make a Life-Changing Income Even if You Start as a Beginner

I have seen dozens of people here in Wealthy Affiliate starting without any prior experience and still made a life-changing income online.

If they can do it, you can do it.

If I can do it, you can do it.

In fact, every single person was once a beginner at anything. Nobody was born with skills to make money online.

Some people just decided to learn it and you can be one of them too.

People Who Succeed Do This...

The single biggest reason for not making a life-changing income is simply quitting too early.

If you want to succeed here's the first step:

Simply don't quit.

That helps you to beat 99,9% of the other people.

Then the second step is:

Keep on learning something new every day.

Go through Kyle's step-by-step training and ask questions in the community from other members.

And the third step:

Take action every day. Do something to build your online business / income streams.

When you remember those 3 steps, you are pretty much destined to succeed.

Sounds too simple? Maybe, but it works.

It's Your Time!

- Roope "Complete beginners can do this too!" Kiuttu

PS. I'd love to hear from you in the comments.

When you joined Wealthy Affiliate, did you have any prior experience of making money online or affiliate marketing?

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Thanks Roope for your timely counsel. Some of us will soon join the mega team of Premium members.
Am getting deeper in WA. Mr. Kyle and Carson are a great delight to the Affiliate world. J-kwest too is another great fellow. WA is indeed a family. Am just connecting mysteriously.
SHINEPAGE1 Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing Roope,, the bit that you say do something every day,,, that's exactly what am doing ,, i work a 12 hrs per day shift at work,, but I do something every day,, am in my 3rd week of been a premium member an I am at second phase of my training or lesson 2 on SITE FEEDBACK, but I do something every day,, thanks for the positive advice Roope SHINEPAGE1
MJLV Premium
I am a total rookie when it comes to SEO, creating traffic from organic search, and all that jazz. I have been on WA for almost three months and I can say that you are right, Roope. With some effort, and time I feel like I've learned so many things and there are only more to come. Thanks for a very motivating and uplifting post!
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Awesome to hear that you're making a great progress Maria!
Msljohnson37 Premium
Great content as always thank you for this information. Before i found this I was trying to find an company online that would help to succeed to get me to where i need to be out of the rat race and into financial freedom to focus on my passions my church community and helping others as that is my life and where I don't have to worry about money where money works for me and i can focus on the important things such as my passion to help other. Thank you again
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing Lorraine
YumaBloggers Premium Plus
I have trained or helped train over 500 people in online marketing and the best recruits usually have no prior experience because they can start making new mistakes instead of old mistakes from bad training. Its easier to program a fresh mind than to reprogram an old dog to do a new trick.

The best part is you get to see the lights come on as people see that they can in fact do this and make money based on their efforts for decades to come.

Andy Anderson