$40,051 in the Last 30 Days from 2 Sites = Affiliate Marketing Works!

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The screenshot below shows my earnings in the last 30 days from 1 website alone.

The crazy part is that this is just one of the websites that I use as an affiliate. For example, on another website, I earned $26,582 in the last 30 days (I prefer not to share that one publicly to avoid competition).

That's $40,051 in the last 30 days from 2 websites alone.

How did that happen?

I used affiliate marketing = Money-making method that Wealthy Affiliate teaches.

Why do I share this with you?

Reason #1: To prove a point that affiliate marketing works perfectly.

Reason #2: One of the motivations why I decided to get started in Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing was that I saw other people getting great results with it. I'm thankful that those people shared their results when I was a beginner because it inspired me to start.

Now I can "pay back" by sharing some of my own results and perhaps inspire newcomers who are starting from the same point that I did = 0 experience/knowledge.

If you're a complete beginner as I was when joining WA, let me explain how this works.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I didn't even know what affiliate marketing meant.

After starting Kyle's step-by-step training, I quickly learned that affiliate marketing means the following:

  1. You copy-paste a link online.
  2. Someone clicks your link and takes action.
  3. You earn money (even while you're sleeping).

Why Did I Join Wealthy Affiliate?

I was searching for different ways to "make money online".

Then I landed on a website where a young man (Nathaniell) explained his story. He explained that making money with affiliate marketing had transformed his life for the better. He was able to live in different countries and "live like a king in Asia while earning US dollars online" or something like that.

That sounded like a good idea to me and I decided to follow the same path.

I took massive actions.

After I learned to make money online following the Wealthy Affiliate training, I traveled all around the world:

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • America
  • Etc.

So far, I've visited around 45-50 countries in my lifetime and making money with affiliate marketing has given me the freedom to live anywhere I want.

7 Benefits of Affiliate Marketing, in my opinion

By guidance (or some people would call it "coincidence") affiliate marketing became my career and I've enjoyed it a lot for several reasons.

  • You can make money online anywhere in the world.

With many other money-making methods your income is lower if you're living in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, etc. but with affiliate marketing you can earn as much money no matter where you live.

  • Your income potential is much higher than with any regular job.

Top affiliate marketers in the world are making millions of dollars every single year. You can verify that with a few quick Google searches yourself.

How much is the income potential in other jobs? Usually, much smaller.

Of course, I don't guarantee that you'd become one of the top affiliates in the world but you probably understand it's good to choose a career where you can grow.

  • You will receive money from multiple income sources at the same time.

If you have a regular job and you lose it, your income stops coming in. With affiliate marketing you can set up as many income streams as you want.

Let's say that you'll earn money for example from 20 websites automatically.

If you happen to lose one of those income streams, you'll still earn money from 19 websites automatically.

  • Affiliate Marketing is becoming easier all the time

The graph below shows that affiliate marketing spending in the US is growing rapidly each year. You can find similar charts also for the other countries.

Each year people are spending more and more money online which means that your income potential grows higher and higher.

On top of that, the tools are becoming better year after year. It has never been easier to do affiliate marketing than right now.

  • Spend time with the people you love

How many people do you know that don't get along with some of their workmates or would like to spend time with their family and loved ones?

When you make money with affiliate marketing, you can spend your life with the people you love.

No need to ask for a boss for a holiday or something like that. You have the freedom to choose since you'll be your own boss.

  • You'll earn money from automated income streams

Some people call it passive income.

In a nutshell, you'll do the work today and get paid for years to come.

That's what happened also with the website that I showcased at the beginning of this post.

I had done most of the work on that website in the past but I keep on earning money every single day on autopilot.

How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing?

It's simple.

1) Get started with the step-by-step training in Wealthy Affiliate.

You'll learn more in detail about what is affiliate marketing and how to make money with it. Keep in mind that I went through that training as a complete beginner without even knowing what affiliate marketing means but still I was able to learn.

2) Take action consistently

With affiliate marketing, you can set up automated income streams. Setting up those income streams requires action.

As you move forward in the Wealthy Affiliate training, you'll learn what actions you'll need to take to make money.

3) Ask questions if you ever need help

Wealthy Affiliate is a community of over 2,7 million members.

  • There's a 24/7 live chat
  • Daily blog posts from other members
  • Different tools designed to help you

You can even ask a question below this blog post and see that you'll get help from another human being.

4) Learn all the time

If you're willing to learn, nothing will stop you.

If you're not willing to learn, nobody can help you.

You must be willing to try new things and go out of your comfort zone.

I started here from:

  • 0 experience
  • 0 relevant connections
  • 0 knowledge of affiliate marketing

In this post, you've seen a little bit about how my life has changed since I made a commitment to learn and improve consistently.

Just imagine how your life will change when you'll start and continue learning daily.


Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post represents my personal experience and results from affiliate marketing. It is important to note that these earnings are unique to my circumstances and should not be considered as a guarantee of similar success. Affiliate marketing success varies greatly and depends on numerous factors including dedication, knowledge, and more. A significant factor in affiliate marketing success is taking action. Many individuals do not achieve comparable results primarily because they do not take the necessary actions.


If you're already a member, how has Wealthy Affiliate changed your life so far?

Share with us in the comments below!

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Thank you for posting your article. Its motivating to see that it's not only the founders who are making money online on this platform but others too. I am new to online business just learning and asking lots of questions. Your posting is really motivating and gives me hope that with hard work and mentorship readily available on this platform, I should make it.

What an absolute gem of an article to read at the start of my morning. This is great and thanks for sharing. I am fairly new to this and learning everyday, going through the course and writing. I know though this is mainly to encourage, many new beginners would want to skip all that is in between the start to the dollars flowing in and get to where you are. That is what I initially wanted but after so many failures it only makes sense to follow a proven method that maybe takes time but it's worth it in the end. I searched a lot on line for a proven system for AM before I found this community. There were a lot of scammy ones but when I like you came across Tim McKinlay's post I decided to check this out and I haven't regretted. I immediately found out this was no get rich quick scheme but actual honest hard work to build a solid business. Now reading this I am even more motivated by what is possible. I believe that with the right mindset everything is figureoutable. :)

When I see posts like this it makes me both inspired and tearful lol.

I have been a member of WA on and off for 14 years yet haven't put in the effort that it requires to get any decent income.

I have had a boost in motivation with the advent of AI, so maybe 2024 is my year! Maybe lol.

Lol. I feel you on that. I am in the same boat pretty much. I truly believe that if one puts there focus and effort to it. Anyone can make it!

I am exactly in your position. I am back and working WA full time.

I have a coffee roasting business and I would like to sell my coffee on line. The coffee is of very high quality Plantation AAA single origin and roasted fresh every day in Auckland. Would like to sell my coffee on line would like you to help me set up a on line marketing and selling business my office is in Penrose, Auckland.

Yes Vincent. You can sell your own products using exactly the same methods as selling other people's products. Selling your own products takes of course more efforts initially since there are much more moving parts.

Start the training here:

I Join WA Because of the Banking and Lending
Institutions not crediting you or lend you
any funds unless you have some kind of collateral
guaranting that you can pay back what you want to
borrow. I don't like borrowing money from any
institution because they charge you so much interest.

I needed to know how to make my own money
and build my credit so that I could pay off any
debt I may have ( Student Loan, Car loan, Morgage, Etc....).
WA is helping me and other members become self
reliant and doing for our selves.


Thanks for sharing Tony. Interesting reasons!

You Are Welcome !

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