40,000 YouTube Subscribers Reached! 300,000 Subs in 2021?

Last Update: November 14, 2020

Another YouTube milestone reached!

In this post, I'll reflect again on the YouTube growth and give you some thoughts to grow your channel too.

300,000 Subscribers in 2021?

I started this year with less than 11,000 subscribers. It seems that I'll reach 50,000 subscribers easily before the end of this year. That's around 5x subs this year.

Let's say that I'll reach 50 - 55k in 2020.

If we put that times 5 next year, it'll be 250,000 - 275,000 in 2021.

However, I have several ideas in mind on how I will be able to boost the channel even further so let's see how it goes. And of course if I shift focus from YouTube more to other things it'll not grow so fast.

In any case, next year we'll reach a minimum of 150,000 subscribers on YouTube but most likely much more.

Then it'll reach 1,000,000 (= 1 MILLION) subs in the coming years.

My plan is to keep on publishing at least 1 video per day forever which keeps the organic growth going all the time.

Publishing 1 video per day is relatively easy as I've created better "systems" and plans on how I do it. For example, planning several videos beforehand and recording all of them at once helps a lot.

I Started Giveaways (regularly?)

Last year I did 2 giveaways on my YouTube channel where I sent $50 twice to people who commented on my videos.

However, each time I needed to find 3-4 different winners because the first winner never replied to my messages. In addition, if I remember right I had to block both of those winners after sending them the prize because they started begging for more money, send PayPal requests and a new phone for their sister and something similar.

Therefore, giveaways weren't as easy as I thought. Anyways, I decided to try giveaways again and I hope to do them regularly on my channel.

Now that I reached 40,000 subs, I give away $40.

When I'll reach 50,000 subs, I give away $50.

And so on... (assuming that everything goes fine).

It's always fun to try new things and I'm excited about this new idea.

It's one way of saying "thank you" to subscribers and it will hopefully brighten up the day of the person who wins each raffle.

I was just imagining this... Let's say that I'll keep on going this each time when I reach another 10k subs milestone... And next year I'd reach 300,000 subs. That would be a $300 giveaway. I know that some of my subscribers live for example in India where some people may earn $300/month in a full-time job. Then winning a giveaway for someone might mean getting a full month's salary from a giveaway. It's just an exhilarating idea!

2 Common Mistakes That YouTubers Make

If you are already building a YouTube channel or you are planning to start one, here's a pro tip:

  • Put effort into your thumbnails!

That's the single most important piece of your videos.

However, most people make these 2 mistakes:

  1. Too many words in a thumbnail => Use fewer words (approx. 0-3 words)
  2. Too dark colors => Use bright colors

I have analyzed data first-hand of more than 750 thumbnails. In 99% of the cases, a thumbnail with bright colors gets a better Click-Through-Rate than a thumbnail with dark colors. You can apply the same principle to featured images on your blog!

Following these 2 guidelines will help you to grow your channel faster. I might be already at 60,000 subs if I would have known these 2 small things since the beginning! ;) hehe

It's Your Time!

- Roope "300,000 YT subs in 2021" Kiuttu


What are your recent insights regarding YouTube?

Share with us in the comments below! :)

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sgregcrx Premium Plus
Hi Roope,

You really are smashing YouTube!

Out of interest, ignoring all other sources of monetization, what sort of revenue do you get from YouTube ads?

Fully understand if you don't want to answer, and I appreciate there is far more to making money from Youtube than just ad Revenue, but I am always curious about how much you can pull just from views. I am in the position of starting to really build out my Youtube Channel (It's a Travel so no competition lol)

If you want to break it down to per 100,000 views or something that's fine, or if you want to tell me to mind my own business that's fine too.

But thought I would ask as you really are killing YouTube!
Marilyn65 Premium Plus
i've noticed massively more ads on youtube. I understand the reason for them, but okay 1 is fine, but 2 or 3 in the midst of viewing a channel is very disruptive, spoils the flow and distracts from the content. Wish they would knock it back to 1 at a time, instead of several in a chain.
KathyAnne Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing this Roope. I've been focusing on Pinterest which is driving good amounts of traffic, and as yet not been using Youtube. My plan is to start creating videos in the very near future.
Great progress, and well done on such amazing progress! Yes, $300 would be a significant amount to someone in India.
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing! I haven't used much Pinterest. It seems to be quite popular platform among Wealthy Affiliate members. Would be interesting to learn more about it.
SylviaChrist Premium
First, congratulations, Roope! I haven't set up a YOU Tube channel yet. I think you do it so fantastic! You are a great example! And I believe you will reach your goal. Thank you for encouraging us again. And for your advice! I am learning so much from you! You bring ideas into my mind. Thank you so much, Roope!
All the best!
MnD Premium
Ow that is awesome and we are working hard to write on our blog more. But the tip of bright colors and no dark ones help.
Thanks again.