Let get real folks, a chance of a life time

Last Update: July 16, 2012
I am a newbie. Had no idea what this online marketing thing was all about. I didn't think it could be too hard, after all, look at all these people making fantastic money on line. You see it advertised all the time. Make $45.00,$50.00, even $100.00 dollars an hour. Not a day, but an hour. You don't have to know anything, they will provide you with every thing you need. All you have to do is plunk your money down and they will send you names of companies looking for people to hire online. They send you a list and you start applying. Guess what? Most of these companies are no longer hiring, or you have to live within there area, or they no longer exist. The list you were supplied with is out of date in most cases. Can you get your money back? NO,NO,NO. Not a chance. How much did this education cost you. I can tell you it cost me plenty. The education I received was from the school of what many people call "The school of hard knocks". You learn the hard way, by getting hurt.

At the time that I tried this online marketing I had just opened my auto repair business and was working six days a week, ten to twelve hours a day and not making a whole lot of money. That's why I tried on line marketing. They made it sound like all I had to do was their simple program and wait for the money to roll in. Like I said, I got took.

I took just about two years before I had a really good following, people who knew I wouldn't cheat them, before I started making decent money. TWO YEARS and lots and lots of hours and money.

Here at WA you get all kind of training in online marketing. Beside all of the great people here who don't know you, but are still willing to help when you get stuck, there is the "Warm Welcome" you receive when you firt join. How about the 10-day course that will walk you through the steps of creating success online or The Open Education Project Which is a favorite of mine.

The cost, $47.00 a month or $359.00 (which is a big savings) is to me well worth it for what you get in return.
What I'm trying to say folks, don't give up too quickly. Don't expect to make thousands after just a few months. I've been here just about four months and just received a whopping fifteen dollars in my direct deposit. I know, its not much but right now its not about the money as much as it is about the feeling.
Hang in there, you will be glad you did.
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steveww Premium
Gee, I was looking forward to ordering that new BMW R1200RT by tomorrow afternoon.

Seriously, you could not be more correct. When I see one of those claims of fabulous wealth for little or nothing I stop reading and leave.

Looking ahead to the point where WA will let me make money and help other people at the same time.
ronamo Premium
I'm glad you enjoyed my blog. Try to learn from all the tutorials that are available to you and have patience. I hardly had any at your age so I know it will be some what differcult but try and hang in there
steveww Premium
I started last week on the first 10 and got day one done. then had a big soccer tournament in Austin so I spent Friday morning washing and packing and traveling. Got back about 4:30 yesterday and took the grand kids swimming and then basically drowsed and read until bed time. Day 2 of my 1st 10 or bust. Well, by tomorrow anyway,

They keep making me think. (I hope that is good.

Thanks for the blog and much success.
mdonnelly21 Premium
WOW great sltuff, because I'm 23 yrs old it helps to here things like this from someone older than me, keep up the inspiring stuff, and I think we can become good freinds on here.
Hudson Premium
Hi Ronamo, I absolutely agree with you. If you set your expectations for the long term and work on this basis success will come.
Good luck going forward and congrats on your first sale,
ronamo Premium
Thank You Hudson, I really appreciate your comment