Time for Plan B

Last Update: May 21, 2019

My writing has come to a screeching halt. I haven’t totally walked away from everything. Even though I am not creating any new content or completing any task I have continued reviewing the lessens.

So far, the quality of my content is good, good enough to be, and has been indexed by google but has fallen short in other places. I am not attracting any traffic and therefore not generating any revenue.

My chosen niche is “Dementia Related” which happens to be a very interesting subject. It is all factual and informative and all went over 1000 characters. It reads like a documentary, all facts, no pondering questions, no challenging questions, no personal opinions, no new material, all materials that can be found elsewhere.

Because my everyday work happens to place me personally involved with individuals suffering from Dementia, and working alongside true professionals that have dedicated their lives to working with those affected by this dreaded illness, I am having a definite fear of challenging the experts. It is a place I don’t want to be. I just don’t want to crawl down that rabbit hole.

The long and short of it, is my content is not engaging, or challenging. It doesn’t ask the readers any questions neither does it leave a room for challenging theories. Its cut and dry because I usually offer references and sources.

Is this the time plan B? My plan B is to create another site. Blog about something that I'm not so very attached to.

What do you think guys? Speak now, or forever hold your peace

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KenShaddock Premium
Ronald, sounds like you are right on top of this subject. You have clearly sescribed the strengths and shortfalls of the piece too.
I know we need to be helpful and informative, so it becomes more connecting, as it's people we ar talking with on a blog.
Next, I didnt get if you had done many blogs in your series.
WIth google ranking sounds good, the key words selected if you researched popular words in the topic from top ranking pieces on google search. Using Jaaxy for helps too.
Fianally, how many articles have you created. If not many then that, when all else is done will be the answer.
If your article as described above is so thorough, you may not think you can write any more as it would be the same over,
but key there will be to take a segment of your article and focus on another, expanding on that part only. Then do another focusing on a different singular aspect of the original.
Invite participation and questions to give you responses and more angles to write on.
Write 100 articles in a year. Google will take big notice then.
Hope that helps some Ronald.
ROnaldE1 Premium
Ken, you may be 100% right. I haven't even scratched the surface. I need to get right back in there and start writing. I'm ashamed to tell you how little writing I have done so far.
Thanks, Ken
Makhosonkez Premium
I fully agree with you that you should rather go for a niche that unleashes what dementia related doesn't in you.
ROnaldE1 Premium
Thank you very much for your input. Very much appreciated
YumaBloggers Premium Plus
If this is your passion stick with it as it takes 6 months or more to gain real traction in such a niche. You don't have to challenge the experts, let them challenge each other and report the conflicting opinions if you find them but just reporting the facts is enough. If you have 50+ post and 6 plus months you might have some cause for worry but you sound dedicated enough to continue your craft and perfect it.

As far as I'm concerned a Plan B is the first plan for failing at Plan A.

Andy Zeus Anderson
ROnaldE1 Premium
Thank you for your kind words, Mr. Anderson. I will rethink it.