SiteComments, what’s the point?

Last Update: November 23, 2019

So, I recently got back into getting SiteComments on my post, past and present. Now, I’m not one to complain much about things that cannot or in some cases, can be changed. Lately, I’ve been running into a massive shortage of SiteComments on my pages and to be quite honest, it disturbs me! I thought this was a community put together by the people for the people, not to sound like a 21st century version of the constitution, but I’m just saying how unnerving it is to go from getting 10+ comments for your website post under review via SiteComments to just 1 possibly 2 if the person commenting isn’t trying to improvise because they don’t know a blasted thing about what they’re reading.

Even if people don’t know what they’re reading, my website posts are not written in another language so it shouldn't be an issue to get 5+ comments. If I maybe completely honest, it just seems like people don’t really have much of an interest when it comes to helping other people out. I maybe out of line saying that, but if I can take the time to get you uddles of comments on your post or at least be apart of the party that is commenting on your page then at least show the proper respect and do the same for me.

I don’t ask for a lot and powers that be knows I don’t get it, but I don’t believe it is too much trouble to drop 5+ comments on someone’s page and not just one or two. Unbelievably, some of us have goals that we’re trying to reach like 1000 comments or even 850. So, if it’s not asking too much, can you please divvy up the words and spend the time to ensure people get more than one SiteComment on their website post. Only takes you 2 minutes per. Take a second, think about it, matter o’ fact, just do it!

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SueKolman1 Premium
I don't understand your complaints. You should be receiving either the amount of comments you request, (or more) with SiteComments.
If I have enough credits to ask for 6 comments, I always get anywhere from 6 to 10. True, I have to disapprove a few, but all in all, I think it's a good, fair system.
accad Premium
The comments we receive depends on the articles we post. It may not be of the interest of others or it may be difficult for them to comment on.
Usually, I received two comments on one of my sites and sometimes I received 5 or more on the other.
I observed that if it's a niche for affiliate marketing it receives more than the sites of different niches.
Honestly, I have difficulty in commenting articles about hotels and beaches so I skip on them because of disapprovals. There are people writes as if they are in philosophy subjects or as if they are in a court that is so difficult to understand. Honestly, I love to read your posts because you write with clarity.
Try to observe the number of comments on your posts in different niches. If you only have one niche and it's difficult for people maybe those two are the ones who can understand you well. But maybe that's just one of the reasons.
EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Sorry to hear that. Can I ask a question? How many site comments have you given? For every two comments you give, you earn enough credits to qualify to request one comment. You get the number of site comments you ask.

Go to Website and then select Site Comments. You can earn money here. After you give 50 comments you can earn 50 cents for every two comments you give.

Now, if you ask for comments on the discussion pages, don’t expect to receive an. And that’s not a reflection of the members. It’s the way the system is set up to be fair to all.

If you already know all of this I owe you an apology.

Hope this helps.

Wayne66 Premium
I don't usually get involved in this sort of thing but I just have to ask a question. How many comments do you ask for? If you ask for 5 then you should get five. Totally agree with you there.

I have used the "Site Comments" platform often and I always get the number of comments I ask for. Some are good and, occasionally I get one that's not so I don't approve it and then I move on to the next.

Sometimes when I see that someone wants a comment I won't offer one because I don't know anything about the subject. Pure and simple. That doesn't make me a bad guy. It means I'm making room for someone else, who might be able to offer a "Quality" comment, a better chance to do so.

I have to agree with others here. Those of us that want to give good quality comments, spend way more than two minutes doing so. I'm not that fast a reader. It can take me 15 to t20 minutes to read a post and another 10 - 15 to write a comment.

That's how we help each other around here.

Two minutes just doesn't do it in my books.
RodneyJr Premium
Bald Eagle Premium Plus
I think you are going about this the wrong way and/or possibly wording your thoughts incorrectly??
It sounds to me as if you are given more than your share of comments and expect the same in return.
Two issues there:
1. The first is I don't think we can "expect" anything in return other than the credits on offer under the comments model as it is at WA.
2. How would I know if I came to your site to post a comment that you had given Maryjo or Bob the Milkman 5 or more comments over on their sites?

At the end of the day WA comments are bought comments and are in a way a bit false.
If you want genuine organic comments then you need to write interesting articles that rank high enough to be seen and are interesting enough to have people (your readers) WANT to comment because they have found something interesting.

Just my $0.02's worth
RodneyJr Premium