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January 03, 2020
So, lately I’ve been doing some thinking, thought real long and hard. What I’ve come up with has been a long time coming, and a project I’ve started on a small era of time ago actually gave me the motivation to do this particular thing i.e. my Erotic Romance site. I’m leaving WA for good, and before all of you start assuming that this has ANYTHING to do with the money or lack thereof that I’ve made on this site, let me stop you right there, this has nothing to do w
So I got another website recently and fulfilling my dream of having a place suited to myself and those who love things of an erotic nature, but I ran into a little problem; I want to get my pages indexed on Google but I don’t know how and I don’t want to waste time trying to do x,y,z coding and all of that bull----. Incidentally, I want to get my pages indexed on Google because I want to turn the world onto what I’m writing outside of what I usually write on my website. Now, I
So, I recently got back into getting SiteComments on my post, past and present. Now, I’m not one to complain much about things that cannot or in some cases, can be changed. Lately, I’ve been running into a massive shortage of SiteComments on my pages and to be quite honest, it disturbs me! I thought this was a community put together by the people for the people, not to sound like a 21st century version of the constitution, but I’m just saying how unnerving it is to go from get
Different paths, appreciate the one you’re on.Sometime ago, actually a long time ago, I used to be the guy that used to always bellow and complain about not making a cent from WA and the training even going out to use what I learned from the training to get the results that everyone else was. But, something dawned on me of late. Everyone in Wealthy Affiliate have one common denominator, to learn the training necessary to become as rich as the masters themselves. But each of us are taking
October 14, 2019
You know, I've been a writer my whole life; I've enjoyed putting everything thought-wise on paper or anything I could get my hands, it's been a joy of mine since I was a child. Now that I'm a grown man I can take my passion for video games and video game tech, write whatever I want on it, naturally quality content, and really show it off to the world.This makes me so happy and appreciative that I came across Wealthy Affiliate, this website and the training on it changed my life for the better.
October 08, 2019
So today is my 39th birthday and I've been thinking about what I want to do for it but more on how I want to spend future birthdays. I was at work earlier thinking about the day and I was saying to myself "I think I want to spend my birthday next year not working an 8-4". I'm so glad I found Wealthy Affiliate because for the first time in my life, I'm fighting hard to get that "self-retirement". Fighting for that something bigger.Today made me also realize that I'm no longer interested in tryin
I was never one for making goals or a list of goals that I wanted to achieve in due time. One day last week, I made a list of things that I want to accomplish and things that I have to accomplish in order to birth other goals; it’s like accomplishing one goal will give birth to other thereby starting a chain reaction that will put my powerful plan into motion. Truth be told, some of the goals I can accomplish right now but the only reason I don’t is because I want to do it all at on
So, all of you well know that I’ve been trying to use and experiment with different landing page software that will bring more visitors to my website. I’m also still trying to get my woocommerce store opened and trying to get affiliate products into the store and being able to showcase the products which is a work in progress. My website postings and audience “clamber” has decreased a lot but I’m not worried because I know how to get it all back so its not an issue
I was looking around on youtube and something caught my eye, I notice there are a lot of people who go to youtube for answers regarding different affiliate business topics even ‘how tos’ when it comes to building out something on their website. Youtube has been around a long time, it was only just recently I started realizing that it can be used to do everything from build a website to creating passive income. Now, I have to wonder, how accurate is the info that is being viewed on Y
So an idea hit me one day, I caught myself saying “I can just open my woocommerce store and run affiliate products off of it and draw everyone’s i.e. visitors to the store via call to action”. I’ve been playing around on Woocommerce for the last 6 hours trying to figure it out. Well, I did for the most part, but the one thing that still perplexes me and that is, once the visitor get to the checkout and fill out their info, what guarantee will it be that they’ll get