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Last Update: June 01, 2016

I am looking at my bounce rate of one of my site in Google Analytics and it is showing 0%. I have read on one of the forums on the internet that it is a good thing. Anyone out there can shed light on this? Thanks.

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bsmith1222 Premium
Sounds great but I would wonder if this is a glitch. With the traffic on the web, it would seem we will always have some come to the site, give it a quick glance and go on. If this is the actual count for you, congratulations as I wish I could get this for my site as well.
rodeves Premium
I am monitoring my GA and am hoping that it is not a glitch.
Dreamer56 Premium
Great work Rodney. That is incredible.
hutch78uk Premium
That's fantastic! It means your keywords are correct because when a user finds and visits your site they don't leave straight away because they have found what they are looking for. Your content is relevant to your keywords. Well done! :)
JudeP Premium
Well done, that's good :)
caisaki Premium
Bounce rate is the percentage of your visitors who only visit one page then leave your site. It may mean that they found what they were looking for, or it can also mean that your site is not engaging enough and boring. Also, sites with errors and slow loading pages are bound to have high bounce rates. A bounce rate of 0 is good.