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Last Update: April 25, 2014

I just don't understand why my websites are not being ranked as yet. My site has been online for over 2 months , yet it is not ranked by google. I have tried other sites to find the ranking but have had no luck. Any one have any ideas?

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caylynn Premium
Your site framework is excellent. Please allow me to be the reader. One, am not sure what your website is all about except for cameras. It doesn't tell me why any particular camera is for me. Yes, cameras do create memories, but what cameras am I looking for? The best one, the everyday one, the disposable one, the best for snapshots and videos, on.
Second, I only see one post. Am I mistaken? We need at least 5 posts with catchy titles, relevant image or video or both and most important, content to keep me reading to find out more.

Sometimes we get lost in the training whether it be Kyle's or Jay's live videos or all the WA community who create training to answer the most frequent questions. Search in the box above, find keywords in the Tool or Jaaxy. Create content earmarking those keywords and write for your reader.

I hope this is helpful. Looking forward to my next visit. If you have other questions, will be more than glad to guide you to the answer when you ask. ^_~
GingerRatsep Premium
I know I'm way behind in answering this question but just came upon it in my hunt for another blog which I thought was written by you. That search will continue...

I checked out your site and you are off to a super start. Congratulations. Just a couple of things I notice:

Several typos, ie spaces between a word and coma and you didn't us the apostrophe "s" (ie, "childs first step), also some words are capitalized that shouldn't be (ie drugstore and digital camera). Not knowing where you are from, the capitalization might be language consideration. In that case, disregard that comment.

In general you need to go back and re-read you content and check for typos and grammar issues. We all have to do this. I often have my husband look at my stuff just to make sure I didn't miss anything.

I would set up your comment box to show at the bottom of each page. People will expect it to be there. I did find the link at the top to create the box but that was only by accident.

Also, I would recommend using at least your first name in your signature instead of rodc711 as it will be more personal. You really want your readers to connect with you.

Adding some links within your content to the camera selling sites or another page on your blog would might help to direct your readers. Just make sure that when you link to a site outside yours that you make that link open in a new tab.

Done to driving traffic..... what are you doing to promote the site and brand yourself as an expert? I haven't poked around at all the content on the WA site yet, but I'm sure there are some tips on how to do this. I've done some outside reading and have come to a realization that we just can put up a page and hope people find it through google.

Do you have a FB page and a FB fan page? If you have the personal page and not the fan page, get to work creating one using the same name as your domain or spelt out if that looks better. Post links to your articles and of course, your personal photos. Always link to your blog. Ask friends and family to go in and like your fan page and, of course those of us in the WA the community.

You can also get a car magnet from that you can put on your car as a rolling local advertisement.

You're off to a great start. Keep up the good work.

Hope this is of some help. - Ginger
rodc711 Premium
Thanks for taking the time to help me out.
kevinmj Premium Plus
Hi, I can see it ranked on Google page 4 for the search term "digital cameras make memories"

I just searched that term and there may be more.

Great site you have and I would keep adding regular content so you build the site out. Do keyword research and build your content out around the results. This will enable you to get ranked for more search terms and boost daily traffic.