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Last Update: Dec 20, 2018

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I have just completed 2 months with WA.

My first month was great. I managed to undertake some training every day. I purchased a domain name and published a website.

I now appear to be in the doldrums. I receive over a hundred WA emails each and every day. I try to attend to a large number of these but it doesn't leave any time to undertake more training and progressing my website.

Psychologically I feel I'm avoiding more training. Why you may ask?

I feel my chosen niche, Remote Satellite Communications, may have a too narrow market appeal. I guess you can only sell a limited number of satellite phones and Epirb boat safety devices.

I'm feeling, before I invest too much extra time writting blog posts and further recearching satellite communications I should look at changing my niche.

I'm also interested in weight loss, nutrition and good health. I'm now heading over to Smartketeer to read his "How to Choose the Perfect Niche".

Any feedback very greatfully received.

Aussie Robert

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I think you have received good advices from our
others friends. Try to calibrate your e-mail so
you don't get bothered for those who for now
make you lose time. Connect with people who can
really help you like Smarketeer and others.

You can quickly lose your concentration by watching
too much directions at once. I think if you follow all the
good advices that they give you, I'm sure you will find
a niche that fascinate you.

Good luck!

That's part of business sometimes we have to take another path.


I hear you. Don't get caught up too much in the drama of WA posts and emails. It's easy to do, and it's an easier path than knucking under the training.

As for your niche, you don't sound that passionate about it. Not that you need to live and breathe sat phones, but you want a niche you can did your teeth into and enjoy working on that instead of WA blogs and emails.

If you try to find a perfect niche, you will get frustrated. I think few of us have a perfect niche exactly, you know what I mean?

Alex (below) has some good advice on research niches. So does Smartketeer, and of course Kyle's basic training. Get some more training there, perhaps. There is plenty of help out there on WA, focus on that, and start skipping some of the more useless emails. Sorry it's true, some of these blogs will waste your time :)

I wish you all the success.

Hi Robert,
Just chiming in, have you researched the market that you are targeting?

Do you know that it is a limited market?

I would suggest that you try searching in Google,

Remote Satellite Communications affiliate programs.

You may be surprised by the looks there are some good companies paying good commisions and a spread of products in that market.

Which tends to suggest that folks are buying products, which in the case of affiliate marketing folks are earning commisions

If you settle on a niche go for the long haul, it can be a trap to jump from niche to niche.

Classic I have been researching to buy a Satellite phone.

Just a couple of cents.

Hi Rob
Just had a thought
Go to your profile and then account settings and in there you can choose what emails you receive as I used to get too many and now only receive the important ones
Also you can change the messages coming into your Bell as well
All this will give you so much more time
Hope this helps

Finding the perfect niche is not easy - and reading WA emails
and blogs will take away from building your business - I have
found that you set only so much time aside for this task - the
ones I do not get to go in the WA file folder - if it was something
important that I may have missed I will find it when I search for
it in the above "Need Help" bar :)
Just a simple share tactic I use :)
Good luck and best wishes,

Courage Rob.

I'm sure once you read Zeds blog on this, you will have a better idea on what you do
All the best on your quest

weight loss, nutrition and good health are great topics narrow it down use google and find your niche where you feel happy with to write day after day blogs or doing research
My two cent be passionate about your niche makes things easier.

Have a great day

Smartketeer is a great choice for information on a good niche. I hope he can help you out.Good luck on making the necessary changes, and hang in there! You can sort it out.

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