Site changed from WA to My Domain

Last Update: Apr 21, 2014


Hooray! I did it. My site is transferred and I can access it through WA. This was such a hard step for me to take but I watched and re watched the video of Kyle explaining how to do it. Trying to make sure I did not forget any steps. And the great thing is that it happened just the way he said it would. I did have an error message but after I checked what I typed and corrected it, my site was working. Thanks so much to everyone for your advice and support with this. I read and applied everything I could. I am now ready to move on to the next lesson. I still have some articles that were suggested for me to read. So I will be doing that also. Ready to get on to the next challenge. Have to say that the advice and redirecting to the training for guidance form the members here has been really nice. I don't feel like I am alone in this. This is such unfamiliar territory for me. Thanks so much to everyone.

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Isn't it lovely when things work the way they're supposed to? Glad you're on your own domain, it's much better for SEO.

Yes. Love it when a plan comes together. Thanks. Robin

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