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June 02, 2018
This is a famous poem by the amazing Charles Bukowski and I think it is fantastic one where we are free to interprete it in any way we want. All the way from breaking a pattern to change a whole life. To me, that is power beyond measures, and the reason to why the pen always will win vs the sword. This poem is an eye-opener and helped me to pursue my dreams and stop being in my own way. But as It relates in so many different levels and fragrances of the world we live in, I figured I had to shar
Thanks for all Your support!It finally happened...!I'm so proud to announce that... *dun dun dun!*I finally broke into the gateway of the 'Holy 200'!!!Now, guess what I will need to get better at in here... :-)Still blank, huh? Alright, how about now...?Ok, time's up! Nah, sorry!- "The answer we were looking for, was..."Or, In other words...And that's exactly what I will invest in - as my side-project!Joke asideThank You,Thank You, Thank You! - For everything, basically;for being that strong p