$558 From One Blog Post

Last Update: May 08, 2017

One blog post has just earned me $558 dollars.

This is the earning total for the last ten months from one particular review article on my site.

I only have four review articles on my site, yet have earned around $1500 in that same time frame.

Now what if I increased that number of review articles to 100 ? Or 200?. Pretty awesome.

Now, I must get to work :-)

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Belden Premium
terrycarroll Premium
Easy peasy when you know how and are prepared to put in the time and effort.

Nice one, Rob!

Borneoman Premium
Congrats Rob!
paulgoodwin Premium
Thanks s is great and I would love to know how this works who asks you to write and where to you test the product

Many thanks. Paul
Robg1 Premium
Hi Paul, it works by following the guide lines in the WA training. I write for my own website. There is no testing of product, I just read about it and wrote my own review. My site is about growing your own food at home. Cheers.
paulgoodwin Premium
This is what we are doing as well
Robg1 Premium
Quite simply it's all about the key word research.

1)Find good keywords with the criteria outlined here .
2) Then put the key word in the title of your article. Also put it in the first or second paragraph.
3) Write the article to 1,500 words.

It gets on the first page nearly every time. I actually go mostly for around only 50 competition at the moment until my site has more authority. With only four review pages my site is making a little bit of money every month.
AHohaia Premium
Awesome work! Congratulations!!!
Best regards from Anke