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I've been away lately re-charging the batteries on the Greek Island of Corfu with my family. I say a change is as good as a rest, because we can all spend such a lot of time trying to see the wood from the trees - getting distracted or sidetracked in our businesses or jobs. They say, "too much work makes Jack a dull boy", so I needed to sharpen up a bit, and wow, did a Greek Island do it? You betcha, it did! Sipping an Ouzo in a taverna right on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea is what has
How Can I Resolve This Issue? This is a screenshot of my GA Demographics Overview with the yellow information bar stating that a threshold has been applied: I have not been getting any Demographic data in my Google Analytics for some time. Having upgraded to Universal Analytics a long time ago, I thought this data would appear automatically. I was using Yoast's GA plugin, but removed it, and have since placed (on 7 Sept 2014) the code into my Theme Settings Header script section of my Genesis t
Does anyone know how to convert an xml file to html ready for a web page? I'm asking this as I'm getting inquiries from Squidoo folks who are wanting to use their downloaded xml backups and put them onto a web page in html. Any ideas out there?
Is Good Grammar Important to You? I thought I would pose this question to all you budding writers out there. Do you, or have you ever used any form of grammar checking software to help you perfect your article writing? I decided to go this route last year to avoid having a plethora of spelling mistakes and/or grammatical errors on my posts. It's Worth the Effort & the Price It has made such a difference to my workflow, as I feel confident that by ironing out these little errors - which ca
I posted a link to a blog I'd written in WA a few days ago. It appeared live for a day or so, but when I went back to my G+ profile the post had mysteriously gone! The WA post itself is on page 1 for one of its keywords, but nowhere to be seen over on my G+ page. Has anyone else had this happen to them or are Google averse to any connection with Wealthy Affiliate? There was no mention of Wealthy Affiliate at all in my G+ post, either in hashtags or text, but only in the automatically created li
Just heard the news that Squidoo will be closing it's doors very shortly. They are offering contributers the chance of moving their content to HubPages. I'm not at all surprised, as I was one of the early members from 2008, and have not written a lens there for 9 months now. In those days you got paid well and every month, but since Google slapped them last year, Squidoo has taken a long time in trying to clean up its act - they hosted such a lot of affiliate rubbish. I felt I was writing
Hi all! I just wanted some feedback from you professionals on whether you think that creating animated video is a worthwhile task. I'm on a trial with VideoScribe, and have found it to be amazing (once you've got around the layout etc.). I have just made two small videos, one promoting WA, the other Jaaxy. Please can you have a look at either or both of them and tell me if I'm wasting my time. Jaaxy - WA -
I've had my site up and running for over 2 months now and all has been fine and dandy without problems. No-one has ever left feedback saying they had encountered problems, but a few days ago one WA member left this comment: "However, when I tried to open your website the following message occur from my AV-provider: 'This is a suspicious site. There is a higher than average probability that you will be exposed to malicious links or payloads.' So, I didn't cont
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I want to create a page that reduces my current bounce rate, but not sure where to start!Is it better to create a specific landing page for your site rather than relying on the Home or Blog pages? If so, are there any guidelines to follow about building an effective landing page?
When you offer a bonus, how do you actually implement it? Is it a pdf file to be downloaded, and if so what are the motions used to get it to the customer? Can it be automated or do you have to physically do it? Any insights would be useful, thanks!