Affiliate Marketing is Hard, Blogging is Hard

Last Update: August 04, 2021

I have been at this for 6 years now, more off and on, I never left WA, never abandoned my sites enough to let the domain expire, too much work has gone there to let that happen, just get tired along the way then take a break then get back to work when I feel ready. But for the whole of last year and this year, I just don`t seem to get out of the deep.

As my title says blogging is hard, when you think you have it going, something comes up and messes everything. I`ve had all the ups and downs in my journey but never totally gave up, but recently I just feel too tired of it.

I installed a plugin that seriously messed my sites, to make matters worse, it took me months to realize the plugin was the problem as I ignorantly installed two different plugins at the same time. Even after removing the plugins, the damage remains(remember I was working on the site, updating and all that)

The damage this time has left me physically weak, every time I think of even starting to straighten things out,I get physically tired.

Working offline, going online has been kind of a luxury for over a year now, and to go online so as to mess up with codes and HTML and whatever,...................the thought of it is scary. It`s almost 1 am as I write this and still have to go to my offline job the next day, not be back home before 8 pm, do I want to mess up with CSS when I finally go online? surely not.

So now I`m back to where I`ve been so many times before, press the pause button.

Do you ever feel like you need to recharge to go on with your online business? or have you been going on as strongly as you did the first time you started?

I`d really like to hear your experiences

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mechidor Premium
Hi Roamy,
I've just read your post, and I can relate to what you are going through. When I feel that way, I always remember a phrase my yoga teacher told me once—nothing suppose to be easy, no matter what you do. If it were, we wouldn't even bother to reach our goal. Everything would be boring. And when I think about it, he is right:) Everyone feels like giving up sometimes. It's normal.
So, take some rests, but not too much:)
roamy Premium
So true, it just gets hard and tiring when I think well, now everything is working perfectly(kind of) then it all comes crashing and I have to go four steps backward.
True it`s not like starting allover again from scratch, but I feel it`s like trying to climb a wall knowing you have to reach the top, but every time you`re almost there, you fall to the ground and have to start all over again.
SamiWilliams Premium Plus
You have a lot invested here. Thanks for getting the conversation going so I could read the suggestions to see if I could learn something to help me when I get in these slumps. There are some good comments, I think.

I have learned to enjoy actual writing. So when I have issues, usually broken links, they are so frustrating. They go on forever, I make little tiny goals as lists. For me, knowing that 1 issue is resolved is a relief.

By concentrating on one issue at a time, the situation is eventually resolved. My reward for the completion of an issue is a couple of hours of writing that I enjoy.

Maybe for a few weeks, allow yourself to review other parts of the business. I have been working on improving my writing and plan to start using a template for my blogs.

Those who use them think they help them be more efficient and able to write faster. It has helped to review suggestions from other members about how they write.

The technical side is difficult and often overwhelming. As I learn more, and have more experience I admit I enjoy this side gig and learning. I think it is normal to need a break. Rethinking what I am doing, and moving on. Will be looking for you,
roamy Premium
I have dealt with slumps in the past, but dealing with different issues all at the same time is frustrating to say the least.
What makes it worse is my time limitation and the "complexity" of the problem.
Throwing in the towel is never my way, I will just take a long break to come back stronger. Now taking a break means, not worrying about what my site is doing in Google until I can fix the present issues one at a time.
I think that`s also my problem, trying to fix everything "now" so I end up trying to do it all at the same time and end up achieving none.
Dadaz123 Premium
I have to confess it's not the easiest thing to do Affiliate marketing along with a 9-5 job. It can be exhausting especially when you have a family waiting for you at the end of a hard day's work.. Sometimes the enthusiasm you felt at the start of your business begins to wane. That's when your self-motivation and resilience kick in.
Yes it's hard but it's doable. If others can do it, I can do it as well.
roamy Premium
I wish there was a possibility for 2X thumbs up for like to your comment.
After a long hard day, recently I just feel I`m too tired to deal with other things, but that`s because everything about my site seems not to be working as it should.
mbouteiller Premium Plus
Hey Roamy,

I hear you loud and clear. I must be in the same boat with you...

I've had all kinds of obstacles thrown at me. It's like going 2 steps forward and 10 steps back. Even the family business I sold my shares years ago to the kids has now forced me back into owning shares again against my will so a major thorn... kinda like your two plugins issues.

I don't use CSS at all...

I've been here about as long as you have.

Ya, for sure, it's a good idea to recharge but never let go of your dream lifestyle. Take a tiny break with the positive mindset of coming back refreshed.

Maybe during your tiny break, you can come up with a list of issues... then figure out what's really important to solve and ask members for help on them. After that make up a mini weekly goal for when you come back. I find mini goals work better because you can see your accomplishments.

I'll work for about an hour, then take a brain break, exercise... and work for another hour, etc. This works for me ...

Sometimes, I won't even bother doing any work on my site for weeks and when I do... lo and behold, my amazing light-bulb will switch back on and I can fix things then and faster.

Have you been able to get some help from SiteSupport in regards to your plugins issues? If that can get straightened out first, you might feel better. Just a thought... work on fixing 1 issue at a time.

Try to fix them all at once may not be a good thing and can cause more screwups and frustrations.

Hang in there... take the break...

Then come back. I know you can do this. We all can.

roamy Premium
I contacted site support but...........long story same answer "check the plugins"
I think that`s my biggest problem, taking all small and large problems putting them in one pot, and trying to solve them in one go, and that does not bring any quick solutions.

I did ok (call it beginner luck) when everything was simple, not trying fancy plugins, and fancy themes, I concentrated on what moved the needle(content) but I guess along the way, maybe I started complicating things as my site grew.
mbouteiller Premium Plus
Hey Roamy,

I'm just wondering... do you really need those plugins?

When I started ... I tried all sorts of plugins but they were getting too complicated and took up too much of my time trying to understand them. I would install one plugin and get it working and then install the next plugin... after that, it became a bong show and I finally deactivated them.

I tried Thrive theme and that took too much of my time to figure it out and then onto Elementor... well that was bizarre too PLUS the Block Editor is like the Elementor. The Block Editor is better in my opinion.

I don't know what theme you are using but I'm using the Generate Press Premium... it has a lot of cool stuff and with the WordPress Block Editor it's even more powerful.

Take care Roamy! I know you can do this... just keep it simple. Your articles are more important.

While you take a wee bit of break... work on a strategy, a mini-goal.

Kind regards,
Chris145 Premium
Hi Roamy, being willing to expose your heart like this shows you are a very strong woman. It’s also demonstrated by the fact you keep getting up which shows you regard defeat as temporary.

Obviously, you have it in you to be a tremendous success at whatever you decide to pursue.

I sense the only thing you need is an effective time management system for your dreams to come true. My hope is that you will this some serious thought and spend some time learning about this area of business.

As I write this I’m believing a break through is on the door step for you which excites me because it means massive blessings coming your way.

Have a great week
roamy Premium
You are so positive, thanks for that.
I`m never a quiter but there are times you feel too defeated and that`s what I feel now.
It gets frustrating to work on something then when you feel.... at last, something else comes crashing you back.
But I'm sure this is temporary,I know I will not give up so easily.