Be Prepared!

Last Update: January 21, 2020

This is a cautionary tale about being prepared. I am mid-way through my first work-cation of the year - the Philippines, if you are interested. Volcanoes, bali-belly and infrastructural issues aside, I hope this helps you keep your failsafes up to date!


I packed my trusty laptop, jumped on a plane, stopped for a day to catch up on work in Manila, then took a 12 hour ride to a remote village in the mountains. Had my Phillipines data plan all set up so I could stay connected, had my charger hooked up to a SE Asia adapter,missed the volcanic eruption, and got to relaxing and working in Mountain Paradise.

The next day, my laptop completely fritzed.

Using my phone, I tried EVERY workaround and solution I could find online. 2 days later it was clear I was going to need a repair. Problem was, this village is hundreds of KMs away from a repair centre

The Issue

Actually, the issue doesn't matter. The real problem was, I wasn't properly prepared. Here's what I did wrong:

  • Failed to carry a USB with backup disk images (in other words, did not protect my business from tech failure)
  • Failed to cary backup files so I could use remote access computers (internet cafe or similar)
  • Failed to keep on top of my login details across email and software platforms (so I could have worked from an internet cafe)


I headed back to Manila and got the laptop fixed in under an hour. However, I'd missed a week of work, missed bills my company had to pay and other important deadlines for clients.

The upside is, I had an accidental holiday instead of a work-cation. I'm now in a resort south of Manila, facing the sea and running a 4-hour work day, back on work-cation.

Be Prepared!

Whether you are running your online business full-time or still a hopeful "one-day" digital nomad, make sure you have safeguards. Simple things can disrupt your income suddenly!

Have I missed anything else I could have done to prepare, or do you have a similar experience? Please share!

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Sounds like you soldiered through anyway! Well done, my friend, and thanks for the cautionary tale!
Scwebu Premium
Sometimes you think you prepared until the incident happen.
RKingsley Premium
That's true, but in this case I was just being mentally lazy X-D
megawinner Premium
Be Safe. Taal Volcanic Explosion may still be around the corner.
RKingsley Premium
Very true. It looked calm when I passed Batangas, but everyone has been evacuated. Smells a little sulfuric.

Watching carefully!
megawinner Premium
God bless!