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Last Update: September 23, 2017

I've had a few websites here at WA and a few outside of WA. I've recently discovered a niche I'm loving and have decided to buy the domain here using Site Domains and use Site Content to produce it.

Site Content

I'm fairly comfortable writing and have a general idea of how I think a post should be structured. What I like about Site Content is that it provides some structured templates that allow me to develop a logical post that flows with what I need to say. This has allowed me to easily write posts that are 1,000 words or more, when I used to struggle with 400 word posts. I especially liked the About Me, Privacy, and Affiliate Disclaimer Templates. Well done Kyle and Carson!

I'm liking how the posts are coming out and how easily I can publish directly to my website. I usually go straight to my Wordpress dashboard once I've published so I can add images and ensure the formatting looks good. Because this site is so new I haven't started to link products yet but will do so when I think the timing is right (and when the training tells me to).

Site Comments

I've also decided to re-do the Certification training as I develop this new website. I've reached the section on Site Comments and I will admit to being a little distracted. Yes, we need to earn credits in order to ask for comments but I haven't done so yet - I'm too busy reading other member's posts and commenting.

We have a lot of talented people here at WA who are obviously interested in putting out great articles. I've enjoyed reading these and providing comments to the authors. Well done!

I'm in no hurry to monetize my new website but I eventually will, it's become part of my pre-retirement plan and I expect to grow it over the next year to provide some supplemental income. In the meantime, I'll continue to use Site Comments (I challenge all of you to beat my word count) and provide comments on great websites. I wish all of you the best in your online endeavours.

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belian Premium
Thats a great read. I too like the Site content and have began using it. My challenge though is how do I bring back what I had already published in from word press to reflect on the site content. And is there need anyway for that.
arielharris7 Premium
Hello Rick. I agree that site content is a great space to write in. It took me a moment because I am used to a platform like Word. But I am grateful for all it does. This is a great blog. Thanks for writing it. And I hear you..it is slow and steady. best wishes, ariel
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi, Rick sounds like you are reenergized I hope that your new site goes well. I would have to agree with you, site content is a great innovation here at WA combine it with site comments and we are good to go.