I Don't Know What to Do

Last Update: May 27, 2014

After weeks of researching keywords for my website and adding more images and posting just about everyday, I decided to see how my site was ranking on Google. And it isn't! I must be doing something wrong. After checking out other websites on my niche, I find they are more informative, while I tend to blog on my personal knowledge and experiences. SO I don't know what to do. Start all over? Different niche? New direction? I am discouraged because I have so little time to work on my site and it seems what I do isn't enough. I am trying to be patient, but I want to retire and travel the world. Ranking would give me a ray of hope. Sorry to dump like this.


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FLCGroup Premium
I think you have a good niche. Definitely the length of the articles is an issue. Also, there don't appear to be any links either to your own content or any other informative places. I think a website like yours needs to scream "authority" upon initial view. You should highlight some of the text as well.

There are tons of good articles on SEO on this site and on the internet in general. Take advantage of them.

I think once you start making the posts at least 500 words, you will see improvement.

Best of luck Richard.
richard49 Premium
Thanks for the advice. Everybody here has some great ideas for me
edensbox Premium
I agree with James as well. I think your site looks great. Just keep adding content. Whenever I get discourage, that is what Kyle and Vitaliy keep telling me.

Try to write your articles with at least 500 words or a little longer. Write reviews on other dating sites. For example, Match.com or some of the other really big ones. That might help as well.

Just don't get discouraged! It takes time for Google to recognize you as an authority in your niche.

As you look at other sites, try to find topics you can also write about. Think about what they are offering their customers and how you can add value to their experience. With your type of site, you could add funny dating stories and so much more.

Hang in there!
richard49 Premium
Thanks! Nice to get an objective view.
MisterWailor Premium
You have to use Google Webmaster tool to get it index if it is not listed. It will help to get it show up on Google search.
BIS Premium
Hi Richard, James (Jaweda2k) has given you some sound advice. I'm sorry that you're currently disappointed because you're not getting traffic for your site but as he says your posts are just too short. You're just not adding enough value and providing solutions to problems, answers to questions or enough useful information. eg Long Distant Relationship. Apart from saying it's a challenge you don't suggest what the challenges are and then you don't offer any solution to overcome them.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with your actual writing - there's plenty currently wrong with the quality of the content. But you can put it right! Get to it.

Do one article and if you would like to send it over to me in a pm and I will give you a critique. Be warned - some people find me a bit harsh - but I will always tell you what you can improve. Up to you. Take care. :) Beverley
richard49 Premium
Yes, you are right. And thanks for your offer!
Jaweda2k Premium

Took a look at your site and what strikes me the most is how short your posts are. This is definitely working against you as it lowers the amount of content you have on your site and we all know that Google and so forth is looking to rank sites based off of their content. In light of this I would recommend that you aim for at least 400 words per post and maybe even a little more. I generally shoot for 600-1000 myself.

Also, you need to keep in mind that when people search for the keywords that you use they are looking for an answer. Taking your post "When to Date After a Divorce, advice" as an example. If you had looked up the keywords that would lead to this post, do you feel that your content would have answered the question?

My best advise is to use analogies to help explain what you are thinking. Tell a story or use personal experience to show how something works. To be a little more clear see this post I wrote where I used the Story of the Boy That Cried Wolf: http://iswealthyaffiliateascam.com/the-affiliate-marketer-that-cried-wolf

Lastly, make sure to utilize the low hanging fruit technique from the training. Oh and add some categories for your posts to be in as this will also help.
richard49 Premium
Thanks! Great advice! But I first need to take a break for awhile and just do some research