Vision Boards Work

Last Update: October 03, 2020

Vision Boards Work!

Twenty years ago I made a 5" x 7" vision book, actually it was a photo book of images, collages, pictures and affirmations of my dreams and goals. I took it with me everywhere I went.

Obsessive and compulsive that's me!

The vision book became my bible. I had to look at it about five times a day at least. I promised myself that I would take my wife on a cruise as soon as the last of my children left the nest. One of my dream goals was a cruise with my wife.

In May 2017 my wife and I had the most memorable three week cruise from Cape Town to Venice. As the boat sailed out of Cape Town harbour, I hugged my wife and said, “Dreams do come True”!

I am planing another cruise in September 2021. I have made a provisional booking.

Incidentally all my other goals and dreams have materialised. I still have the 5x7 vision book. I have the Jack Canfield Vision Book which I use daily for my dreams and goals.

My adult children have vision boards my grandchildren are working on theirs. One of my client's, swears by it. I can't do without it.

Vision boards do work because the thoughts and dreams in your mind can be visualised into something real and tangible. They only work if you are prepared to take the Actions steps necessary.

It works for Me, it will work for You!

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Kyle Premium Plus
I have never personally done this, but I can absolutely see the potential in it. I do visualize accomplishments though, I just don't have a hard copy version.

Something I might consider adding to my "motivational" mix! :)
IamTracy Premium
I totally believe in this, I encourage many of my clients to create these. So good to hear you have another cruise to look forward to. Vision boards can be great assets in your life and business. I have a few but as a visually impaired person mine are tactile. This has been a learning curve as I'm naturally a visual learner. Thank you for sharing :) this has inspired my reflective writing this morning.
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Great reminder, Rich, keeping things on our horizon by using a vision board can work a treat.
Rich908 Premium
Here is my vision board for 2021
Hraybal Premium
Hi Richard,

I’ve heard a lot about visualisation, but not specifically vision boards. I guess a physical picture, rather than a visual in your mind, would stimulate your imagination more. I can see how it could make your dream or goal more tangible, because obviously it’s right there in front of you. I think also if you have the visual representation in front of you, then you can focus more on the other sensory details such as smell and hearing.

It’s a very interesting idea, and it has clearly worked for you. I am going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing your post.