Are You in need of Spring Cleaning?

Last Update: April 26, 2019

We All Do It

Why do we do it? We all have too much baggage in our lives. Things we buy and never use, or things we love but ends up packed away in the basement , garage or loft.

We become hoarders. People and family give us gifts we never use or need. I used to keep old magazines and junk mail. I went through my wardrobe recently and was amazed at the amount of clothing I had not worn in ages.

There is a tv program called the hoarders, and its frightening to see people hanging onto Stuff and just wont let go. I panicked for a moment and thought I was turning into a hoarder.. This tv documentary forced me into action. If you get a chance watch this episode on Youtube. Its real eye opener on how clutter affects your life.

The Hoarder Who Can’t Get Into His Own House | BRITAIN’S HIDDEN HOARDERS

Did you know that clutter clogs up our home and our work space. It disrupts our peace of mind and fill our world with stuff we dont need?

That’s only the physical stuff, thats besides how we spend our lives with so much busyness and unnescessary distractions which pull us away from the realy important thngs that we should be focusing on.

For the past three weeks my wife and I have been busy clearing out what we dont need .

The Homeless Shelter were only to happy to receive our donations of clothing, bedding, household items and books which I desperately clung on to.

My wife was ruthlesss, she said "Everything". So I did. I have an echo in the house , which to me is a good sign that most of my unwanted stuff are gone.

Tidying up with Marie Kondo

Recently my niece introduced me to the world of Marie Kondo. This petite Japanese effervescent live wire is an organizing consultant, she has made a difference to peoples lives around the world,showing them how to organise their clutter which has a direct outcome on their personal. life

She radiates such peace and tranquility. I love the way she sits on your floor and blesses your house before she starts decluttering.

My wife and I have religiously watched her on Netflix and followed her techniques on folding clothing and storing personal objects. Its amazing how much space we have now. She has written quite a number of books which is on my bucket list for my travels

Spring Cleaning Tips from Jack Canfield

So today I’d like to share five powerful spring-cleaning strategies that I have borrowed from Jack Canfield - Some of you wil remember him from Chicken Soup for the Soul Series.

You can use to declutter your life at all levels, so you have more focus, clarity, space, and freedom to focus on what truly matters most to you.

1. Declutter Your Home & Office

My first tip is to physically declutter your home and office.

Put everything you own through the “Love it, sell it, or toss it” test.

If you don’t absolutely love it, then sell it, or toss it.

Giving it to someone who might love it or need it, or recycling it are also options, of course—as long as you get it out of YOUR home or office.

I encourage you to be ruthless with this.

I know it can be hard to let go of old things, especially when you have positive memories attached to them.

But remember, the memories of your childhood aren’t going to disappear just because you give away a bunch of old books, games and broken toys!

Release them with gratitude, and enjoy the space that opens up in your life when they’re gone.

Because when you get rid of the things you don’t want or need, you create more space for the things you DO want and need.

And I guarantee that when you create the space for them, they will begin to show up. It’s pretty magical.

2. Declutter Your Thoughts

My next tip for you is to declutter your THOUGHTS.

Our homes aren’t the only things we fill with too much “stuff” we don’t need.

We could say the same thing about our minds.

We cram our heads full of so many useless or even harmful thoughts that don’t serve us in any way.

We read too much gossip about celebrities.

We get caught up in the negativity of the news cycle.

We watch TV shows that don’t uplift, enlighten or educate us in any way.

We spend too much time listening to our “inner critic,” who tells us we’ll never be good enough or worthy enough to achieve our dreams.

And so our minds become crowded with useless, self-defeating thoughts that hold us back from showing up as our best selves.

A great way to declutter your mind is with the practice of regular meditation.

I am a huge fan of daily meditation – I can honestly say it’s changed my entire life.

You’ll discover that the more you meditate, the more you’ll find yourself no longer giving any attention or power to your negative thoughts, and focusing instead on inspiring, motivating and uplifting thoughts that spur you on to do your best.

3. Declutter Your DIET

My next powerful decluttering strategy is to declutter your DIET.

Many of us consume too much food and drink that doesn’t give us the nourishment and nutrients we need to thrive.

And when you fill yourself up with too much unhealthy food or drinks such as sugar-laden desserts, soft drinks, pastries or alcohol, you rob yourself of the vitality you need to accomplish your goals and achieve more in life.

So I encourage you to spend some time reviewing your eating and drinking habits and look for ways to eliminate the food and drinks that aren’t serving your nutritional needs – and replace them with healthier options that will give you more energy and improve your mental and physical well-being.

4. Declutter Your Friends

My next piece of advice is to declutter your FRIENDS.

Take time to examine who are the people in your life who are always dragging you down and preventing you from showing up as your best self?

I’m talking about the kind of people who are always negative and never support or encourage you.

Maybe they laugh at your dreams and say that you’re crazy for having them.

Or maybe they’re always wanting you to slack off or indulge in your “bad habits” because they’re somehow threatened by your desire to improve yourself.

I encourage you to eliminate people like this from your life, or at the very least seriously limit your exposure to them, because they are holding you back from unlocking your full potential.

And I guarantee that when you get them out of your life, you will find it so much easier to attract the kind of people who WILL give you the support and encouragement you need to stay on track toward your goals and good habits, and create a life you love.

5. Declutter your Goals and Dreams

Finally, my last piece of advice is to declutter your GOALS and DREAMS.

By that I mean, take a good hard look at all the life goals you’re currently pursuing.

Chances are you can’t achieve them all at once.

For example, you may not find it possible to write a novel and take your family to Europe and save money for your child’s university education AND start a new business, all in the same year!

So think about which goals or dreams make the most logical sense to achieve FIRST – because once they’re accomplished, they’ll make it so much easier for you to achieve the next one and then the next one – and then focus on completing those few goals before you put any more effort into the rest of the big goals on your list.

This doesn’t mean you should give up on the rest of your goals — it just means figuring out how to achieve them strategically, in the order that makes the most sense for your life.

Because when you focus your energy and intention toward accomplishing one big goal at a time, you will find it so much easier to attract what you need to achieve that goal, as well as faster than you thought possible.

I want to encourage you to use these tips to “spring clean” your life and make sure 2019 is a year in which you accomplish amazing things.

Thanks for reading this post, your comments are valuable to all of us.

Pleases share - How Space Clearing has made a difference in Your Life!

Stay Well

Stay Happy



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AlanJE Premium Plus
Moving forces you to decide which things you want to take and which to discard, Alan
PMindra Premium
Hi Richard.

I am a minimalist by nature but even then find myself sometimes with way too much 'Stuff' that I have absolutely no use for.

"The meaning of life is to find a place for your stuff..."
- George Carlin.

I basically end up giving away what I no longer use to the local distributors of good will.

The de-clutter process is extremely important and the areas you mention can be, for many a 'tough love' situation.

My biggest problem is not with the hoarding of material things, but with the hoarding of 'Digital Data.'

I save, save and save (Thinking I need it somewhere down the road) until I am sometimes confused beyond recognition.

I just cannot hit that delete button.

But then again, by acknowledging my weakness, I can, over time conquer it. DELETE!

Good post.

Kindest regards from Canada.

MurphysMom Premium Plus
What a great awakening post! This was helpful and I know where I’m going to begin. Thank you.
heljam404A Premium
Great post reminds me of a few items I need to get rid of.