Dibs! …. on that domain name.

Last Update: Jul 19, 2012


My current 30 Day Success Club Website, Experiment #3, will utilise a 5-word long-tail domain name. For those familiar with Jaaxy, it has Monthly Searches: 344907, Estimated Traffic: 58635, QSR: 74, had that very, very pretty green light, and an SEO of 96. Oh, and both the .com and .org were available. In other words, it was totally irresistible, my promises to Vimini (veronica.l) Cricket be DAMN’d.

This got me to thinking, how is it possible to associate social networking with a long-tail domain name. Twitter et al aren’t exactly accommodating about @onetwothreefourfiveword handles and long-tails are hard to give out over the phone and put on business cards. I therefore went back and re-read Your First 10 Days about the variations on domain names: brands, brandable, keyword rich, etc. and decided to set myself the task of finding a 6-character brand domain name either .com or .org with the exact same word also available on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, et al.

I spent a couple of hours on this and failed. I finally had to extend and settle for 7-characters. I managed to find and acquire one that made me smile, DibsBiz, which also happened to be available across all the various platforms.

Now I’m wondering how I should mange this? Simply 301 redirect www.dibsbiz.com and .org to my long-tail and make it clear on the long-tail site that it is a ‘division’ of DibsBiz and that all social info about it will come from DibsBiz? Or should I create a separately hosted DibsBiz site which contains a directory of all my eventual long-tail sites that DibsBiz will be tweeting, FBs, G+ for, etc.

Or…. something completely different?

Any thoughts, criticisms, abuse, help, advice as always, wanted and appreciated.



Photo: Rudy Eng (CCL)

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Hey Rich you could always make a QR Code for your Twitter Handle to market offline and online. That way when someone scans the code it goes straight to your long tail domain, just a thought.

What's a QR code? Is that one of those funny looking square design things that smartphones scan and read?

NVM I Googled it. Thanks for the info. It may prove to be ionvaluable.

Great stuff guys, As always, yins (you all) caused my skull to expand to fit all the new concepts in (mostly to a filing area for a future ahah!) and some of it is actually starting to connect so well that I reread to make sure I really got it.

I am sorry, but I am not sure what the point of your DibsBiz.com is for...why do you have this domain. If you have a long tailed, keyword rich domain name that should be your focus. If you are using it on your business card and you have already bought it, then you should redirect but I think you are putting too much emphasis on this domain if you are already thinking business cards unless this is one of your core marketing strategies (the offline networking world).

I would suggest you redirect and put your focus on getting your keyword rich domain ranked.

I appreciate that, and the long-tail is the focus, but how do you create a Twitter account for a long-tail without calling it something entirely different? It's also incredibly hard for someone to take down or easily misspell www.onetwothreefourfivewords.com, whereas DibsBiz is to my mind a permanent bit.ly. OK, if what I'm doing is rubbish, just say so!

Create a twitter account that is just relevant. Use an acronym for your long domain @ottffw or choose something that is catch. Twitter and Facebook handles do not have to be the exact same as your domain.

Our WA one is @kyleandcarson. :)

Aha! OK I was thinking more "corporately" where xyz.co is always xyz.co everywhere. Hence DibsBiz is the same on Twitter, FB et all, so if a reader wanted to go back to that long-tail and hadn't bookmarked it, they might remember DibsBiz! Thanks for the clarification Kyle, appreciate it!

Yeah, definitely doesn't have to be, but you should make your hand somewhat relevant to the theme or who you are.

Hi Rich

This is purely curious not critical. What is that you're trying to achieve? I get that it's an experiment - but to show what? Perhaps it's just me but I'm lost.


No Diva B. it's probably me getting it all wrong! If I have a site with a long-tailed five-word domain name, how do I marry that with social networking without being able to create a shortform name. I guess what I'm thinking is that DibsBiz "sells" and promotes the long-tail in the real and social worlds. Have I - to quote Kyle - got the wrong end of the Ta stick?

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