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Last Update: November 04, 2009

I posted this on the forums, but for those of you that don't use the forums much I figured I would post it here too:


I wanted to share a little success story but thought I would put it in this area of the forums as it has to do with article marketing more than just success. The point of this post is to encourage newcomers that what you find here for tools and research are all you need to be successful. :)

A couple days ago I used Rapid Writer to write an article for one of my niches. I used the keyword tools here and also used to double check some of my research. The article I wrote I submitted to EZA and that was it.

The keyword was an extremely low competition keyword phrase... exactly 4 results when quoted. But, it contained a shorter keyword phrase that has more competition than you can shake a stick at. ...sigh.

Anyhow, once EZA approved the article and it got indexed, it is now rank in spot 2 on page 1 of Google! But what is really cool is that when searched... 235 million results come up! Man I couldn't believe it when I saw it!

Moral of the story: The article writing and marketing advice that Kyle and Carson give here at WAU work. You just need to do some research, find that niche, write a good article that is informative and place your keywords in the right spots.

Use the tools they offer here and take ACTION! This does work!

UPDATE: I have backlinked the tar out of that article and it is still sitting pretty on page one. 

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jatdebeaune Premium
Great John! Congratulations!
Garrd Premium
Congrats Just a word of the wise do not back link to quickly, google will slap you.
Pepper Guy Premium
Good Go, Rev. Yeah,I enjoy trying a lot of the different things put out here at WAU. Like you said research and doing is key.Thanks for the input here.
Revelation Premium
Thanks a bunch! So far so good - the article still sits atop 235 million results! I backlinked it about 40 times so we will see tomorrow what happens ahhahaah!
sox1n05 Premium
That is awesome! That is the power of good, solid keyword research. I too found a couple of keywords that have over 1k searches, but no more than 8 optimized searches. I just submitted the articles, so now we just wait!

Keeps us informed as to the success of your campaign!

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