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Last Update: July 23, 2018

It is very important to have images on your website. Image gives your website a good look but don't put too many images. It could distract the readers from looking at all your content on your site. They feel they have to read too much; there could be a chance they might leave your site. The images that you upload to your website gives your reader a visual of what their reading about. Especially if you put your images in between your paragraphs.


Today I spent some time searching on the internet for images that I was able to add to my website. So these visual aids will be able to help my website look better. It now looks more like a website than how it was before. It took some time to find the right ones that I wanted. I am glad that I was able to spend the time to find images that were about my niche. I had to keep refining my search to find the right images, but in the end I was able to find the ones I liked the most. This would be another completed task in my training which makes it one more step closer toward my success on building a successful business online in the comfort of my home.


Working from home has never been easier than it is today. Wealthy Affiliate has given me an opportunity to build a website that I can build a business in affiliate making online. Wealthy Affiliate has an easy to follow step by step training that teaching in detailed on how to build a successful online business. Wealthy Affiliate show you how to build your business from start to finish. These are just a few to mention on what you would be expecting in the training; on how to write content pages and post about your niche, also how to insert images and how to do product reviews to generate income online. I have chosen to talk about images today. Where they can be found, how to take images and how to put them on your website.


I was able to find most of my images on internet. They were a little hard to find. I had to keep refining my search. They do not have much of a selection of images. Some images were free to use anyway you wanted and some were copyrighted which means you have to contact the owner ask if you can use the images. There are some images that you can buy but I have not done that yet. In the step by step training that Wealthy Affiliate trains on Kyle say that we can use our own picture from our phone or camera. We can use these images and put them on our website as long as it pertains to our niche. So I was able to use some images I took from my phone. That was pretty cool to be able to see that on my website. I am excited about that.


I have always wanted to be a photographer since I was teenager. I've always loved taking pictures of nature such as flowers, plants, trees, mountain side, beach sides; and animals. I discovered that I was able to use my own pictures. I've started taking pictures of everything I came in contact with. I was so excited to take pictures and know that I was able to use some images on my website. Knowing that I am able to put images on my site was exciting to hear. It makes the website feel more personal and motivating.


It is a very easy process to add images to your word press website but it is suggested that you write your article first. Once you have written your article and it is ready for images it is time to insert the images. First you need to search for images on the internet. Images that pertain to your niche. After finding your images copy and paste your images to your computer. Go to your word press admin find the article you want to insert the images on. Click where you want your image to go. Click on add media button. Select the upload file tab. Click select files and choose the location of your saved images. Your image will be uploaded to word press. Filling in your alt tag description will help with SEO ranking. Select insert into post button. Click on the image itself it will bring up the editing option. You can align and size the image the way you want. This is how to add images to your website and remember that you don't want to make your images to big because it will slow down loading time and how it will look on a mobile device. Test it out on a mobile device and make the adjustments. You can see it is not hard to add images to your website. If you don't want that image on your website you can just click on it and delete it. Visual images are important and having them in the right place make all the difference.


Thank you Wealthy Affiliate for giving the opportunity to build my online business using a platform that is easy to use and for teaching me how to insert images onto my website. My website looks a lot better now and it's more personal with the images on it and gives the readers a visual that they can keep in their mind. The reader is also able to makes the right choices for them. They read the information that I have provided to help them and they can visualize it in their mind. Wealthy Affiliate made their training so simple to follow. Anyone could do it ! I'm so happy that I am able to continue on to the next step; in my step by step training. Wealthy Affiliate has made the training so easy, detailed that anyone can follow and do it. Just stay focused and anything is possible.

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