Keep Trying, Start Over, or Give Up?

Last Update: February 17, 2020

So, I've completely ignored this sight for about 2 months now. I didn't log in, I didn't read blog posts, I didn't create new content or even check on my website. In the meanwhile we celebrated Christmas and then took our family on a 4-week dream vacation.

Now that we're home and things are starting to get back to normal I find myself questioning my decision back in November to pay for a yearly membership. The truth is that I feel quite stuck. My daily responsibilities are leaving me mentally and emotionally drained, I'm no longer excited (and out of ideas for) the niche I chose, and I REALLY struggle to find enough time to do anything productive.

So, here I am, trying to decide how to move forward. Trying to choose the best of three possible options.

Keep Trying!

I could take a fresh look at my already existing website and keep trying to create more content. I could spend the next several weeks doing keyword research on a subject that I'm sick of hearing about (I could explain more about just why I'm sick of it, but I'll save you the drama), and do my best to write several dozen more brilliant articles in the hopes that it might result in at least a bit of traffic (at this point I have 0 traffic).

PROS: the website is already started, I already have more than a dozen well researched posts written, and I regularly research various topics related to this niche (homeschooling) anyway.

CONS: I'm a homeschool Mama. Homeschooling is my #1 source of stress. Spending all of my work hours researching the same subject may just be fueling my stress levels.

Start Over!

I could start a new website altogether. I could choose a new niche, and start studying!

PROS: I could choose a niche that inspires me rather than a niche that stresses me out. I could separate my homeschool Mama stress from my work.

CONS: Starting over is never fun, I'm very unsu

re which niche I should choose, and I'm not really willing to invest more $$$ into a new website at this point.

Give Up!

I know, never give up, right? With about 9 months left on my annual membership I can't help but feel it would be a waste of valuable resources to give up now, but at the same time I feel like I am squandering precious moments with my children if I keep going.

Life is short, and moments are precious. That is the very reason I got involved with WA in the first place. Our family life has become a hectic rat race, and I wanted to find a way to financially support a more laid back lifestyle.

So here I am, too busy to invest in something that has the potential of making our family less busy.

Maybe you've been where I am before. Maybe you have some words of wisdom for me, or maybe you just needed to hear that you're not the only one who's struggling to make this work.

What do you think? Keep Going, Start Over, or Give Up? What should I do?

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JeffreyBrown Premium
I'd keep the old site and let it generate traffic--I've heard many who abandoned their sites and then lo and behold they got a sale or something motivated them--with domains costing only $13.99-$15.99 it's very cost effective--less than the price of a good fast food meal for two--and we all know what happens to those a few hours later.

That same investment for a new domain is nothing! I own about 8 domains right now--it's like owning internet real estate. I know some people who own many more and have even sold a couple for a good profit.

You have to dig deep and ask yourself if you like the status quo--if you really do, then fine--you can quit. If the subject is nagging you then it means you want more, and you just have to dig deep within yourself and find an area to cut thirty minutes to an hour out of every single day! Maybe a TV show or other pleasurable activity!

Brenda--it is easy to do once you get started--just reach deep within yourself! You've GOT this! Just my 75 cents worth!

megawinner Premium
You should remember your compelling reasons why in the first place you take this endeavor!
allancurtis Premium
I just had a quick look at your website ... you have made a good start! I only took a 50K foot view so these comments may not be 100% in sync.

If i can offer a suggestion ... get personal!

Write about the challenges you are facing and the time crunch, demands, tears, pressure, stress, anxiety ... there are hundreds of thousands of Mom's experiencing the same emotions!

Topics that come off the top of my head
Why home school your kids?
What do you expect to accomplish that public school can't?
What are the challenges you must face each day?
What is most frustrating in your day?
How do you deal with the stress and anxiety?

These are the things that I would guess are uppermost in peoples minds when they go online ... leave the curriculum to the experts ... talk from and to the heart!

Best wishes ...
Rempel5 Premium
Thank you for your insight! Getting personal is actually something I'm good at. I've been avoiding the personal side of things in an effort to stay objective...but maybe that's what's holding me up? Could be. Your topic suggestions are helpful too. I felt stuck in the rut of writing about what I would be looking for, and incidentally, I would be looking for those things because I don't know very much about Makes it kinda hard to write insightful articles. Thanks for the ideas!
allancurtis Premium
I hope it triggers some ideas ... Home Schooling is a great niche, in my opinion ... and writing about topics from your personal perspective will likely connect with others, experiencing the same issues! The research for articles will also help you learn how to cope and deal with issues ... sounds like a Win Win to me!
Good luck
CMKetay Premium
Go back to your 'why'. What was your motivation to click the 'yes' button? If you quit, that need will not be met - at least not with WA and you will continue to search.

Take a breath. Watch the link that Barbara shared below. It's perfectly ok to step away now and again. I've had to. Just coming off of a 6 day break while I worked on some other things. But I know that WA is still here and so are the people who have been so kind to support me through the tough times. There are many posts about sales continuing long after the initial publishing date. The knowledge that you are gaining is of value.

One of the many things I've learned on the path of entrepreneurial 'enlightenment' is that I am not the same person that I was when I started out. That, alone, has great value. I'm a person in transition becoming somebody I never thought I could be and achieving things I had previously not thought possible.

Time will always be an issue. That's just a reflection of our lives. How badly do you want/need what ever your initial 'why' is? Hint - if it doesn't make you cry, you haven't gotten down to the core of your 'why' yet. But a wise mentor once told me, you can have success or you can have excuses. You can't have both. At the end of the day, which will you regret more?

I sincerely hope you choose success and to remain part of this great community.

BarbaraBC Premium
I hope you don't quit. You have already invested money in a year. But I understand how hectic life is when you home school. I did so with my now grown children.
Jay did a webinar on time constraints. Here's the link. It might be helpful. Best to you whatever you decide.