So Far in Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: February 21, 2015

So far I am starting to understand more of my tasks and what to do. I still have a lot of learning to do though. But I am getting there. So excited and I am juggling my studies along the way. I’ve been looking forward to be able to keep my premium up. But I don’t have an issue with that since I have a backup plan keeping it up.

It’s been four days since I have upgraded. In the beginning when I first joined, I didn't upgrade right away. I have thought I wasn't going to have the chance to try out my first month because of financial reasons. I have gotten lucky and upgraded a couple days later. I think it's all falling into place for me. As the days goes by I'm even more excited. I'm always squeezing in time in between school work and very excited working myself up to the next. A few days ago I stayed up all night working on some training. But I made sure to sleep lol. I also made sure to take a lot of notes. I had set up my campaign site for referrals and ready for the next thing. Yay!

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grampamike Premium
Hi again, I'm so glad you are hanging in there. Getting started can be overwhelming. You and I have an advantage. My degree is in Psychology from Central Washington University. Going to school taught me how to study and learn. The advantage is that you and I understand how to pick out the gold nuggets in the WA training. That saves us a lot of time digesting the material here. Anyway, I'm rooting for you all the way. To your next bazillion dollars ... GrampaMike
jazminf Premium
Congratulations Regina, sounds like you're enjoying yourself:)
kennnyb Premium
Sounds great
maurod Premium
I feel just like you! I´m so exited too! There´s a lot of good information, the Bootcamp training it´s amazing! Good luck! Hope to read more future success from you! =)
MauriceSr Premium
It took me there months to up to premium... Not because I was skeptical with WA, but being lazy and not even attempting to do any of the lessons! I final pushed myself and found other resources to pay for my premium membership and it was a wise decision... I know how you feel, but you also have made a wise decision too!