I Started Entrepreneur Certification And Ended Up On Affiliate Bootcamp

Last Update: July 22, 2018

Now Where Too? I am not sure how I did this. I started out with the entrepreneur training. I started a blog about pets and pet care. Somewhere I jumped to the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp training. Now what should I do? Should I go ahead and write a review. I could;d set up a whole new blog just for Wealthy Affiliates and publish it.

I have tendencies to keep writing articles short and to the point. This could be a drawback for this type of blog. I appreciate any input from different level member.

Thank You


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ColleenLVSJC Premium
Hello Regina! I wanted to add my thoughts to help with your decision.

I actually started the Certification Training when I joined WA a year ago, then along the way, I jumped into Affiliate Bootcamp. After talking with long-term WA members, they suggested that I complete the Certification Training first before taking on Bootcamp. I considered their expertise and my newbie overwhelm and took their advice. I stayed with the Certification Training and am so glad that I did!

As a newbie, I needed the training that's in the Certification Training. Plus, it would have been difficult for me to attempt to recruit others and adequately answer their questions in Affiliate Bootcamp when I hadn't been through the Cert training they would be going through. The Certification Training is foundational and Bootcamp goes beyond that for those who are interested.

Hope this helps! :)
I wish you all the best!
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Regina.
EddySalomon Premium
Again Regina, the affiliate bootcamp is not neccessary for your given niche. Focus on the main training like I mentioned. Don't waste time writing a wa review on a site that is about animals. It just doesn't make sense and a waste of time.

Instead start working the normal training and follow the Jay links I sent you. I wouldn't lead you astray.
ThimGraFort Premium
Wow! I love querrels!
In a busy world, where many don't have time to read long posts though the contents can be vital to them, I think it's wiser to still check for ways to keep people at least learning through reading also. So your idea is welcome. But though short, you need grace for your such word of your contents to be more than impactful and steggering like the effect of adrenaline.
God bless you Regina!
To your great success

Eugene Premium
Regina, you're on the right track, the Affiliate Bootcamp is like the Ph.D. in WA University, is where you will go deeper into how affiliate marketing really works. I'm on that training but I am going step by step because I want to absorb and master every little bit of this training. Also, start working on creating your product reviews. Kyle has an example in the training and this is the bread and butter of what an affiliate marketer should do.

I am working on that myself, recommend only on your niche and what has worked for you, in your case the pets. Hope this helps.